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Academic Mobility at North-Caucasus Federal University



Education abroad is a crucial part in training highly competent experts. This explains why academic mobility is considered one of the priority activities at the NCFU. This type of mobility offers students & postgraduates unique opportunity to obtain the best training available, conduct their research at the top level, or undergo perfect field placement.

The terms and conditions for academic mobility at the NCFU were subject to the Regulations for Arranging International/National Academic Mobility for Students/Postgraduates of North-Caucasus Federal University (Order № 2128-O, 28/12/2015).

The arrangements for academic mobility at the NCFU are ensured by the trainee/employee, the respective Institute of the NCFU/division, the trainee/employee of the foreign university visiting the NCFU, the Department for International Activities, the Academic-Methodological Department of the NCFU, the Accounting Department, and the Department for Strategic Development.

In 2012, 35 employees of the NCFU joined the academic mobility program visiting the leading foreign universities, 5 of them being part of the Erasmus Mundus Program. Another 29 students joined the Erasmus Mundus MULTIC and DAAD Programs. In 2012, the NCFU invited for lecturing professors of the University of Milano (Italy), Dresden Technical University, and University Koblenz-Landau (Germany).

84 students & postgraduates joined the academic mobility process in 2013, while 190 employees went abroad to either join academic mobility or international events. Besides, in the same year39 persons of 13 countries visited the NCFU for field placement or for lecturing.

In 2014, both short- and long-term academic mobility events involved 140 students of all the NCFU Institutes including the specially held NCFU contest winners who went abroad to study for 1 or 2 semesters. 131 employees of the NCFU visited universities abroad, which was done in order to enhance the NCFU integration into the international academic area. The same year the NCFU hosted 64 leading professors from all over the world (Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, France, Great Britain, Iran, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) to deliver seminars and lectures.

The year of 2015 witnessed 175 students and employees of the NCFU going abroad for field placement or training in order to get to know the top European experience and conduct research. At the same time the NCFU hosted 134 visitors from Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Great Britain, Macedonia, United States, Abkhazia, France, the Netherlands, Belarus, China, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Japan, Finland, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Brazil, South Africa, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Canada.

A contest has been held for the academic year of 2015 -2016 in order to select students & postgraduat4es to join long-term academic mobility program, and 15 of the NCFU students will travel abroad in the 2nd semester. All such activities are subject to special plans, which are to be approved on an annual basis. Academic mobility is one of the most efficient ways for developing the educational potential of individuals, and both students and teachers of the NCFU take this auspicious opportunity to gain access to better academic & research resources and programs, coming back home and delivering their new priceless experience.


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