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Specialities of Postgraduate Course of NCFU



01.01.01 Substantial, Complex and Functional Analysis

01.03.02 Ц Astrophysics and Stellar Astronomy  
01.04.07 Ц Condensed State Physics  
01.04.13 Ц Electrophysics, Electrophysical installations  
01.04.14 Ц Thermal Physics and TheoreticalHeat Technology  

02.00.03 Ц Organic Chemistry  
02.00.04 Ц Physical Chemistry  
02.00.21 Ц Chemistry of Solids

03.01.04 Ц Biochemistry  
03.01.06 Ц Biotechnology (including Bionanotechnologies)
03.02.01 Ц Botany
03.02.03 Ц Microbiology
03.02.04 Ц Zoology
03.02.05 Ц Entomology
03.02.08 Ц Ecology

03.02.11 Ц Parasitology
03.03.01 Ц Physiology
03.03.05 Ц Developmental Biology, Embryology

05.02.02 Ц Science of Machines, Drive Systems and Machine Elements

05.02.04 Ц Friction and Wear in Machines 

05.05.03 Ц Wheeled and Track-type Vehicles

05.09.01 Ц Electromechanics and Electric Apparatus 

05.11.01 Ц Measurement Instruments and Methods by Types of Measurements

05.11.16 Ц Information-Measuring and Control Systems

05.11.17 Ц Medical Instruments, Systems and Devices

05.13.01 Ц System Analysis, Management and Processing of Information 

05.13.18 Ц Mathematical Simulation, Calculus of Approximations and Program Systems

05.13.19 Ц Methods and Systems of Information Protection, Information Security

05.14.02 Ц Electric Power Plants and Electric Power Systems

05.14.14 Ц Thermal Electric Stations, their Power Systems and Machinery 

05.16.06 Ц Powder Metallurgy and Composite Materials

05.17.01 Ц Nonorganic SubstanceTechnology

05.17.07 Ц Chemical Technology of Fuel and High-energy Substances 

05.18.01 Ц Processing, Storage and Reprocessing Technology of Grain, Leguminous  Crops, Cereal Products, Fruits and Vegetables and Wine-growing  

05.18.04 Ц Technology of Meat, Dairy and Fish Products and Refrigerating Production 

05.18.07 Ц Biotechnology of Foodstuff and Biological Active Substances

05.18.12 Ц Processes and Apparatus of Food Production 

05.18.15 Ц Technology and Merchandizing of Foodstuff and Functional and Specialized Purpose and Public Catering 

05.22.10 Ц Automobile TransportExploitation 

05.23.03 Ц Heat Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas Supply and Lighting 

05.23.05 Ц Construction Materialsand Products

05.23.17 Ц Structural Mechanics

05.26.02 Ц Safety in Emergency Situations 

05.27.01 Ц Solid State Electronics, Radioelectronic Components, Micro- and Nanoelectronics on Quantum Effects

05.27.06 Ц Technology and Equipment for Production of Semiconductors, Materials and Devices of Electronic Engineering

07.00.02 Ц National History  
07.00.03 Ц General History (of an appropriate period)
07.00.06 Ц Archaeology
07.00.09 Ц Historiography, Source Study and Historical Investigation Methods
07.00.10 Ц History of Science and Technology

08.00.01 Ц Economic Theory
08.00.05 Ц Economy and Management of the National Economy  
08.00.10 Ц Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit
08.00.12 Ц Accounting, Statistics  
08.00.13 Ц Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economy

08.00.14 - World Economy

09.00.01 Ц Ontology and Epistemology
09.00.11 Ц Social Philosophy
09.00.13 Ц Philosophic Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture

10.01.01 Ц Russian Literature
10.01.10 Ц Journalism
10.02.01 Ц Russian language
10.02.19 Ц Linguistic Theory

10.02.20 Ц Comparative and Historical, Typological and Contrastive Linguistics 
12.00.01 Ц Theory and History of Law and State; History of Doctrines of Law and State
12.00.02 Ц Law of the Constitution; Constitutional Lawsuit; Municipal Law
12.00.03 Ц Civil Law: Business Law; Family Law; Private International Law
12.00.06 Ц Land Law; Natural Resources Law, Environmental Law; Agrarian Law

12.00.08 Ц Criminal Law and Criminology; Criminal Executive Law

12.00.09 ЦCriminal Procedure

12.00.14 Ц Administrative Law; Administrative Procedure

13.00.01 Ц General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education
13.00.02 Ц Theory and Methods of Training and Education (Geography)
13.00.02 Ц Theory and Methods of Training and Education (Foreign Language)
13.00.02 Ц Theory and Methods of Training and Education (Informatics)
13.00.02 Ц Theory and Methods of Training and Education (Literature)
13.00.02 Ц Theory and Methods of Training and Education (Mathematics)
13.00.02 Ц Theory and Methods of Training and Education (Russian Language)
13.00.02 Ц Theory and Methods of Training and Education (Physics)
13.00.04 Ц Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Athletic Training, Health-improving and Adaptive Physical Culture
13.00.08 Ц Theory and Methods of Professional Education

19.00.01 Ц General Psychology, Psychology of Personality, History of Psychology
19.00.02 Ц Psychophysiology

19.00.03 Ц Psychology of Labour, Human Engineering, Ergonomics

19.00.04 Ц Medicopsychology
19.00.07 Ц Educational Psychology
19.00.13 Ц Developmental Psychology, Acmeology

22.00.01 Ц Theory, History and Methodology of Sociology

22.00.04 Ц Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes 

22.00.06 Ц Sociology of Culture

22.00.08 Ц Sociology of Management 

23.00.02 Ц Political Institutions,Processes and Technologies  
24.00.01 Ц Theory and History of Culture

25.00.08 Ц Engineering Geology, Geocryology and Soil Science

25.00.10 Ц Geophysics, Geophysical Methods of Mineral Exploration

25.00.12 Ц Geology, Search and Exploration of Oil and Gas Fields

25.00.15 Ц Technology of Drilling and Well Development 

25.00.17 Ц Exploration and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Fields

25.00.19 Ц Construction and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Pipelines, Bases and Storages

25.00.23 Ц Physical Geography and Biogeography, Soil Geography and Landscape Geochemistry
25.00.24 Ц Economic, Social, Political and Recreational Geography
25.00.26 Ц Land Planning, Land Registry and Land Monitoring
25.00.29 Ц Physics of Atmosphere and Hydrosphere
25.00.36 Ц Geoecology