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Solovieva Irina Vasilievna


Acting Rector 

Contact Information:

Rom 215, 1, Pushkina Street, Stavropol, Russia

Tel: (8652) 95-69-32




Visitor hours
10.00 – 12.00; 2nd and 4thFridays of each month


Background details

DOB - May 13, 1971; City of Georgievsk, Stavropol Region

1994 – graduated from Stavropol State Polytechnic Institute; major – Accounting and Audit, Control and Analysis of Management

2000 – earned Cand. of Economic Science degree.

2003 – Associate Professor of Dept for Accounting

1994 – 2012 – junior lecturer; associate professor; deputy dean for academic affairs (Stavropol State Polytechnic Institute; North-Caucasus Technical University).

2012 - 2013 – deputy director for academic affairs, Institute of Economics & Management, NCFU.

2013 - 2017 – Head of Dept for Academic & Methodological issues; Chief secretary of admissions office; Associate Professor at Dept for Accounting, Analysis & Audit, NCFU.

November 2017 – Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs, NCFU

Involved actively in research activities. 2007 – joined a research project that was awarded a grant prize from the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation No. 07-02-00004a. 2006-2010 – joined a number of projects within the analytical program Development of the scientific potential in higher education. 2014-2017 – involvement in projects within the program "Accessible Environment”.

Major stream of researchTheoretical & Methodological Issues in Economic Security, Analysis & Audit (research items published, joining conferences, etc.)

Author to over 150 works published including 3 books, 7 monographs, 3 items in Scopus-list journals, over 20 items in journals approved by Russian State Attestation Committee.

Co-author of the academic & methodological database Accounting & Management (Certificate 2014621246 of 05/09/2014).


Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russian Federation; Certificate of Honor from the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation; Certificate of Honor from Governor of Stavropol Region; Certificate of Honor from Mayor of Stavropol; Certificate of Honor from the Accounting Chamber of Stavropol Region; Certificate of Honor from North-Caucasus Federal University for high-level professionalism and diligent labor.

Accredited expert of Federal Service for Monitoring in Higher Education, Ministry of Education & Science of Russia; accredited expert for monitoring & control activities.

Member of Expert Chamber in Higher Professional education.

Russian Science Citation Index: number of items published – 23; citations – 49; Hirsch index – 4.