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Student reserch groups

Institute of Humanities 

  1. Practical aspects of psychodiagnostic work of clinical psychologist (A.V. Suvorova)
  2. Emergency psychology (D.A. Ershova)
  3. Study of the Internet addiction problems. (E.V. Tereshchenko)
  4. Psychological correction and prevention of drug behavioural stereotype. (I.N. Polshakova)
  5. Maternity psychology. (M.L. Esayan)
  6. Family psychology and family psychotherapy. (E.M. Kozlova)
  7. Clinical-and-psychological aspects of personal security conservation under conditions of polyethnic region. (N.V. Osipova)
  8. Integral individuality psychology. (T.V. Belykh)
  9. Problems of personalitys commonplace sense study. (N.B. Drozhzhina)
  10. Economic psychology. (V.V. Enin)
  11. Theoretic and applied problems of legal psychology. (O.V. Bolotova)
  12. Psychology and society. (K.M. Oganyan)
  13. Axiological aspects of personalitys development. (G.V. Stroy)
  14. Social analytics of new media. (A.E. Gapich)
  15. Improvisational technologies. (A.A. Slyadnev)
  16. Analysis and monitoring of social sphere in the region. (V.V. Savchenko)
  17. Actual problems of social innovation. (I.V. Chernikova)
  18. Topical issues of social gerontology. (I.V. Burtseva)
  19. Social policy: theory and practice. (S.V. Mitrofanova, E.V. Smirnova)

Institute of Natural Sciences

  1. Approximate methods of solution of linear and nonlinear equations and their systems (L.N. Kirillova)
  2. Multifunctional peculiarities of modern cultural landscapes of Public gardens of Caucasus (A.V. Lysenko)
  3. Modern problems of landscapes of North Caucasus (V.A. Shalnev)
  4. Peculiarities of ecotourism in North Caucasus. (D.V. Yurin, V.A. Shalnev)
  5. Geochemical peculiarities of agro- and city landscapes of North Caucasus (T.V. Degtyareva, P.A. Didenko)
  6. Land planning in cadastral surveys (A.V. Kirvyakova)
  7. Modern problems of land planning and urban planning (P.P.Turun)
  8. Usage of GIS-technologies in engineering survey (D.Yu. Andreyanov)
  9. GIS in social and economic geography (E.I. Ovsyannikov)
  10. Problems of social and economic development of territories and geographic problems of employment (E.N. Ovsyannikov)
  11. Ecological patrol of TKV (L.G. Dzhaiani, E.G. Mishvelov)
  12. Scientific circle "Ecoline (I.V. Begdai)
  13. Climate and a human being (D.Yu. Fedyunina)
  14. Molecular photophysics and spectroscopy (M.I. Deryabin)

Institute of Law 

  1. Actual problems of theory and history of state and law (I.N. Klyukovskaya, V.E. Semenov)
  2. Topical issues of administrative and administrative-procedural legislation (A.P. Zhukov)
  3. Topical issues of finance law (D.A. Smirnov. L.E. Botasheva)
  4. Topical issues of environmental and natural resources law (E.S. Navasardova)
  5. Law of the Constitution (D.S. Belyavsky)
  6. Legal club (O.N. Dotdayeva)
  7. International law (A.S. Gondarenko)
  8. Prevention of crime in new criminal legislation (G.I. Chechel)
  9. Legislator (M.S. Trofimov)
  10. Civil scientific student circle named after D.I. Meyer (M.P. Melnikova, Associate Professor I.A. Komarevtseva)

Institute of Life Sciences

  1. Medicus (O.I. Anfinogenova)

Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications

  1. Ionosphere. Satellite channels. GLONASS (A.F. Chipiga)
  2. Position-independent number systems and their usage in information protection sphere (I.A. Kalmykov)
  3. Information protection and computer security (V.S. Peleshenko)
  4. Neural networks (R.A. Voronkin)
  5. Development and study of quality management systems of telecommunication services (V.P. Mochalov)
  6. Synergetics. Problems of self-organization and nonlinear dynamics in open nonlinear systems of different nature (V.I. Lebedev)
  7. School of the 21st century. New information technologies in educational system of modern institution of higher education (I.P. Khvostova)
  8. Computer modelling (G.V. Shagrova)
  9. Mathematic modelling and engineering of economic systems (A.S. Marakhovsky)
  10. Technologies of processing, storage, transmission and protection of information (A.V. Rozhkov)
  11. Free software (L.L. Guseva, D.L. Osipov)
  12. Development of access isolation models in information social and technical systems (V.V. Kopytov)
  13. Development of principles of protected navigation signal delivery to special consumers (A.P. Zhuk)
  14. Information technologies in management of social and economic processes (A.A. Sorokin, T.V. Tatochenko)

Institute of Pedagogics

  1. Psychological circle Know yourself (E.G. Abakarova)
  2. "Rhythmical and plastic types of gymnastics and health-improving fitness (N.N. Grudnitskaya)
  3. "Strengthening of populations health in educational and medical spheres (S.Yu. Zabelsky)
  4. "Education in physical culture sphere. Athletic training (K.M. Smyshnov, V.V. Vucheva, O.N. Meshcheryakova)
  5. "Health and behavior of school-aged children (T.G. Pestova)
  6. "Psychological regulation during professional training of physical culture specialists (E.V. Titarenko)
  7. "Olympic education (O.V. Gorbatykh)
  8. "Professionally applied motional preparation (D.N. Bezlepkin)
  9. "Theoretic and methodological, biomechanical and organizational substantiation of special physical training of sportsmen, who are specialized in different sports (Yu. B. Gromov)
  10. "Optimization of the training process for football players (E.S. Levchenko)
  11. "Information technologies in physical culture and sport (A.I. Yatsynin)
  12. Anthropogenic danger of Stavropol region (T.Yu. Denshchikova)
  13. "Theoretical and practical foundations of natural risk management in Stavropol region (V.M. Ivanov)
  14. "Noospheric education in life safety sphere (Yu. A. Marenchuk)
  15. "Social and pedagogic adaptation of students as a factor of life safety assurance (V.V. Filankovsky)
  16. "Actual problems of life safety (E.V. Makarova)
  17. Youth extremism: psychophysiological determinants, forms of appearance, prevention (O.V. Prasolova)
  18. "Mechanisms of endogenous life safety (M.G. Vodolazhskaya)

Institute of Economics and Management

  1. Scientific circle of Business Accounting Chair: Problems and perspectives of development of accounting, analysis and audit under conditions of Russias integration into international economic society. (G.V. Mikhailova, S.A. Pankov, L.I. Chernomordov)
  2. Problems of theory and practice of credit organizations functioning in market economy. (S.V. Zenchenko)
  3. Actual problems of corporate finance. (A.V. Savtsova)
  4. Government finance: problems and perspectives. (N.E. Pismennaya)
  5. Transformation of management functions in governing organizations of commercial and noncommercial sector of creative economy (O.N. Momotova)
  6. Actual problems of regional economy. (I.V. Novikova, I.P. Savchenko)
  7. Problems of strategic management in the region.(S.V. Nedvizhai, G.V. Bondarenko)
  8. Functions and linking processes in management of social and economic systems. (G.V. Vorontsova, V.N. Ostrovskaya, O.N. Momotova, A.R. Buniatova)
  9. Economic security, modernization and sustainable development of real sector of economy. (V.I. Trysyachny, Yu.I. V.N. Ryabov)
  10. Innovations as foundation for economic growth and strengthening Russias positions in global economy. Scientific supervisors S.V. Sazhneva, V.A. Zavolokin.
  11. Sustainable development of the region under conditions of economic integration of Russia into world economy. (P.V. Akinin)
  12. Assurance of the regions finance security which are the part of North Caucasian Federal District. (O.N. Chuvilova)
  13. Role of innovations in world economy development. Scientific supervisors O.V. Takhumova.
  14. Economic security of polyethnic region. (Z.S. Dotduyeva)
  15. Actual problems of the Russian economy under conditions of integration into world economy. (O.M. Dzhavadova)
  16. Problems of transformation of organization management system under modern economic conditions. (V.N. Parakhina)
  17. Transformation of management systems at regional and municipal levels. (L.N. Pankova)
  18. Strategic aspects of transformation of organization management systems. (V.N. Parakhina)
  19. Socially oriented changes in organization management systems. (O.A. Boris)
  20. Actual problems of innovative management of social-labour and financial-economical processes of business entities. (S.N. Kalyugina)
  21. Actual problems of management of social and labour processes (S.N. Kalyugina)
  22. Actual problems of innovative management of social-labour and financial-economical processes of business entities. (E.Yu. Shatskaya, E.A. Astakhova)
  23. Modern problems of organizations human resources management. (E.I. Krivokora)
  24. Study of modern state and tendencies of development of social-economic systems: strategic aspect. (O.V. Padalka)
  25. Peculiarities of human resources management in innovative oriented organizations. (N.P. Kharchenko)
  26. Analysis of PR and advertising on consumers behavior formation. Main models of consumers behavior. (D.B. Chuprova)
  27. Modern problems of management.(G.S. Shelkoplyasova)
  28. Regional economy and management at the present stage. (E.F. Bobrova)
  29. Management of innovations and knowledge to raise business competitive ability. (Yu.R. Bondarenko)
  30. Human resources management in the system of modern management. (L.I. Gorbenko)
  31. Strategic aspects of transformation of organization management systems. (T.A. Gridina)
  32. Modern planning systems in social and economic systems. (L.S. Maksimenko)
  33. Social sphere management.(A.I. Pyanov)
  34. New approaches and organization forms of social-economic systems management under conditions of globalization.(T.M. Fedorenko)
  35. Strategic development of regions economy. (N.N. Yakovenko)
  36. Customs officer. (E.V. Yakubova)
  37. Tax stimulation of economic activity. (V.V. Kuzmenko)
  38. Tax planning and forecasting. (V.A. Molodykh)
  39. Governmental tax management. (M.F. Kobylatova)
  40. Theory and history of taxation. (A.A. Rubezhnoy)
  41. Systems of taxation of economic agents. (E.N. Kushch)
  42. Problems and perspectives of development of accounting, analysis and audit under conditions of Russias integration into international economic society. (Head of departments: accounting Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor G.V. Mikhailova, analysis Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor S.A. Pankov, audit Candidate of Economics L.I. Chernomordov)

Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering

  1. Protection of population and territories in case of emergency. (D.M. Dementyeva)
  2. Construction materials made of industrial waste.(A.A. Soldatov)

Institute of Electric Power Engineering, Electronics and Nano-technologies

  1. Modern problems of power engineering. (V.M. Peyzel)
  2. Chemistry of biologically active nanomaterials. (A.V. Serov)
  3. Modern problems of electronics. (E.A. Bondarenko)
Institute of Oil and Gas
  1. Emerald. (V.M. Kharchenko)
  2. Oil-and-Gas. (B.M. Steshin)
  3. Geophysicist. (V.M. Yakushev)
  4. Oil. Gas. Ecology. (S.N. Ovcharov)

Institute of Service, Tourism and Design

  1. Automobilist. (M.V. Gorban)
  2. Fractal. (A.F. Zaripova)
  3. Programmer. (I.M. Privalov)
  4. Erudite person. (S.V. Zaytsev)
  5. Quantum. (P.S. Assorov)
  6. Radio world. (V.Ya. Yalovoy)
  7. Analyst and expert. (D.V. Shchitov, A.V. Nesterchuk, P.A. Fidyanin)
  8. Reliability and harmonicity of buildings and facilities. (S.I. Politov, L.V. Pap, A.S. Marutyan, O.G. Kristinskaya, N.P. Zhelnova, A.N. Abarinov)
  9. Process engineer. (N.N. Chepurnaya, S.S Lusta)
  10. Commodity expert. (N.S. Limareva)
  11. Ecologist. (E.N. Tikhonova, S.N. Lega)
  12. Mechanical engineer. (P.S. Chernov)
  13. Opinion. (L.A. Yagushevskaya)
  14. Style. (L.A. Yagushevskaya)
  15. Wing. (L.A. Yagushevskaya)
  16. Paradigm. (E.V. Galkin)
  17. Insight. (E.V. Galkin)
  18. Local historian. (O.A. Kartashova)
  19. Prometheus. (A.N. Podolskaya)
  20. Power of law. (N.G. Rakhmatullina)
  21. Justice. (N.A. Boyko)
  22. Scientific student civil. (Yu.A. Titenko)
  23. Lawyer. (V.A. Fursov)
  24. SNK Dialogue. (N.A. Kozlova)
  25. LOGOS. (I.N. Isakov)
  26. Manager. (T.G. Garbuzova)