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Date of material placement: 21-02-2014, 09:54 Category: Scientific activity
Future Physicists Show Peculiar Experiments
One of the events held as part of the Week for Department of General Physics (Institute for Mathematics and Natural Sciences) was a Physics contest where five teams including 1-4 year students introduced everyone to the fundamental laws of Physics.

Date of material placement: 30-01-2014, 17:25 Category: Scientific activity
NCFU Professor – Winner at National Contest
Professor Nikolay Sudavtsov (Department for History of Russia, Institute of Humanities) has become a winner at the Russian National Contest for the best publication on the Caucasus. The contest was organized by the Russian Academy for National Economy and Public Service (at President’s Office) with 240 works submitted. The authors represented Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladikavkaz, Makhachkala, Grozny, Stavropol, and Rostov-on-Don. 44 of the contestants were awarded prizes.

Date of material placement: 16-01-2014, 16:38 Category: Scientific activity
Give a Big Hand to the Winners!
The NCFU is hosting the III Regional Stage of the Russian National Olympiad for school students. January 15 art-lovers of 85 regional cities and areas came to the NCFU to show their knowledge in World Arts Culture.

Date of material placement: 15-01-2014, 13:49 Category: Scientific activity
Third Stage of Regional School Olympiads started
The North-Caucasus Federal University hosts the third stage of Regional School Olympiads on general subjects. The best students of the regional schools will demonstrate their outstanding knowledge in Physics, Russian Language, Biology, History, and other disciplines in a total of 16 Olympiads for 9-11 Graders (ab. 2000 students).

Date of material placement: 13-01-2014, 09:02 Category: Scientific activity
Two NCFU teams were among the top teams at the International Mathematical Olympiad
The Ariel University (Israel) hosted the 5th Open International Internet Mathematical Olympiad for students with 130 teams from 15 countries competing for the top prize. The North-Caucasus Federal University had two teams representing it both being very well known in the international mathematical community.

Date of material placement: 21-06-2013, 12:27 Category: Scientific activity
NCFU – the Territory of Health
There was a round table on a healthy nutrition at Institute of Life Sciences of North-Caucasus Federal University. Chairman of Stavropol Region Committee on Food and Pharmaceutical Industries, Trade and Licensing Andrei Khlopyanov, Director General of Scientific Production Company "Mobitek-M” LLC Irina Lyublinskaya, Deputy Director for Scientific Activity of "Mobitek-M” Stanislav Lyublinsky, and Pro-Rector for Construction and Economical Activities of NCFU Andrei Zaytsev, Director of Institute of Life Sciences

Date of material placement: 19-06-2013, 15:33 Category: Scientific activity
Young Scientists’ Activity Results
Council of Young Scientists and Specialists (CYSS) of North-Caucasus Federal University summed up its activity for the last academic year. At the meeting of the Council representatives of youth scientific societies of the institutes of NCFU told about the achievements to the Pro-Rector for Scientific Activities of the university Oleg Rybakov, the Chairman of CYSS of NCFU, the Director of Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering Andrei Bratsikhin, the Head of Department for Organization of Young