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Date of material placement: 4-08-2014, 15:17 Category: Scientific activity
Scientist from NCFU Lecturing in USA
Yulia Melnik, Director of Service Centre for Social Education & Social-Rehabilitation (Institute of Education and Social Sciences) has won a grant allowing her lecturing in the US, which is part of the Fulbright Programme. 

Date of material placement: 8-07-2014, 11:08 Category: Scientific activity
NCFU Awarded High Title
Alina Levitskaya, Rector of NCFU, has got a Congratulation Letter appreciating the success our students achieved at the Open International Student Internet-Olympiad 2013-2014.

Date of material placement: 27-06-2014, 17:05 Category: Scientific activity
Lectures from Lublin
Dr. ArturGorak (Maria Curie-SklodowskaUniversityinLublin, Institute of History, Department of Archivistics, Poland, Cultural History) visited Institute of Humanities where he delivered to students of History, Philosophy, and Arts, a lecture offering a comparative analysis between the Russian and European systems document processing.

Date of material placement: 30-05-2014, 00:00 Category: Scientific activity
IELTS (Academic Module) – Enrollment Announced
NCFU has announced enrollment in IELTS – Intensive Training Course (Academic Module). Duration of training – 2 weeks (96 hours / 4 classes per day).

Date of material placement: 27-05-2014, 00:00 Category: Scientific activity
NCFU Students Trained in Hungary
2nd year Master’s students majoring in History (Institute of Humanities, NCFU) went through field placement for research training at the Kaposvár University of Hungary.   

Date of material placement: 5-05-2014, 17:47 Category: Scientific activity
Professor of Rio de Janeiro Visiting NCFU
Alexis Toribio Dantas, Professor of Economic Evolution Department, Economic Science Faculty at State University of Rio de Janeiro (FCE/UERJ, Brazil), delivered a series of lectures for students and postgraduates of Department of Economic and Social Geography (Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences).

Date of material placement: 23-04-2014, 16:17 Category: Scientific activity
Hallo from Houston
One of the graduates of the Department of Geophysical Methods, Search and Exploration of Mineral Deposits, who made a stunning career came to share her experience.The quality of the training offered at the Institutes of the NCFU is well-known far beyond the region and even Russia, with many Russian and foreign companies more than willing to hire NCFU graduates. Please meet now, Lyubov Mulisheva, once a graduate of the department above-mentioned, now a representative of a leading company in the area – Schlumberger.