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Preliminary course for foreign citizens






General information

Foreign citizens who don’t speak Russian willing to enter North-Caucasus Federal University should pass a preliminary course established in NCFU. Tuition of foreign citizens in NCFU is led within pre-university training. Professors and lecturers of related departments are involved in training of foreign citizens. Terms of study: 1 academic year – 10 months. In this time the students study Russian und other subjects: Mathematics, Informatics, Scientific Style of Russian. Training takes place in groups of no more than 15 students. The studying in the preliminary course NCFU is based on the modern methods of teaching, up-to-date training appliances. By the end of academic year students pass Russian and major disciplines exams. Certificate of North-Caucasus Federal University is given after graduation.

Terms of entering the preliminary course of North-Caucasus Federal University

Official acceptance of foreign citizens on the preliminary course is led on the basis of direct contracts with organizations and individuals by full recovery for education;

Classes begin from October-November 1st of the current year by gathering of groups;

Students of preliminary course obtain registration, are given dormitory.




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Address: Stavropol, Kulakov Avenue 2/4, room 213, 214, 216

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