Date of material placement: 8-05-2013, 12:19 Category: University
Congratulation on the Victory Day
Dear colleagues, teachers, students, employees of North-Caucasus Federal University! I congratulate you on the holiday of the Great Victory! There is no any other date in our country that could unite people of all generations and all nationalities because there is no such a family, such a surname in Russia which was not connected with the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 through one human life. The war left its trace, the light of this Victory lives in heart of each of us.

Date of material placement: 6-05-2013, 16:09 Category: Scientific activity
Big basketball at NCFU
First regional educational and methodical seminar "School of modern basketball” for coaches of school teams, teams of cities and districts of Stavropol region, coaches of Children’s and Youth Sports School (DYuSSh) and institutions of higher education, basketball referees, teachers of institutions of higher education began its work at North-Caucasus Federal University. Ministry of Physical Culture and Sport and Ministry for Education of Stavropol region, regional basketball federation, North-Caucasus Federal

Date of material placement: 6-05-2013, 14:28 Category: Scientific activity
Robotics and intelligence
The seminar on problems of robotic system development in Russia was held on the basis of the laboratory of anthropomorphic robotic systems "Intelligent Robotics” of I. Kant Baltic Federal University and "Android Technics” Scientific Production Association (SPA "Android Technics”). Representatives of Ryazan Radio Engineering University, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Tver State Technical University and many others took part in the seminar. North-Caucasus Federal University was represented by Deputy

Date of material placement: 6-05-2013, 14:25 Category: Scientific activity
Information and communication technologies in higher education
International research and practice conference "Modern information and communication technologies in higher education: new educational programmes, pedagogics with e-learning usage and education quality improvement” was held at the largest institution of higher education in Europe – La Sapienza University of Rome.

Date of material placement: 29-04-2013, 11:51 Category: University
Closing of the All-Russian Life Safety Olympics among Schoolchildren
On April 28 solemn ceremony of the final stage closing of "The All-Russian life safety Olympics among schoolchildren-2013” took place in the concert hall of sanatorium named after M.Yu. Lermontov in Pyatigorsk. 157 pupils of the 9th, 10thand 11th forms from all parts of Russia were looking forward to summing-up when names of the winners and prize winners would be announced. These children will be able to enter the best institutions of higher education of our country, including North- Caucasus Federal University,

Date of material placement: 29-04-2013, 10:33 Category: Student life
Person of the month: Polina Gritsishchuk
Polina Gritsishchuk, third-year student of Institute of Humanities, prospective teacher of foreign languages and cultures who took the second place at the beauty contest of North-Caucasus Federal University and won the honourable title "Miss Spectators’ Sympathy”. to tell how to become a beautiful girl and winner.

Date of material placement: 26-04-2013, 10:25 Category: Scientific activity
Closing of the conference “University science for the region”
Solemn closing of I Annual research and practice conference "University science for the region” took place at North-Caucasus Federal University.Opening the conference, the Chairman of the Committee for Education and Science of the Duma of Stavropol region, Lyudmila Kuzyakova thanked attendants for desire and single-mindedness to develop economy, industry and science of our country.