Date of material placement: 21-02-2018, 14:59 Category: Information
Applicants from South Africa Seek Admission in NCFU
Protus D. Kum (Director of RACUS-2 Representative Office in South Africa) had a visit to NCFU.

Date of material placement: 16-02-2018, 14:45 Category: Information
NCFU Team Wins Another Award
The NCFU Team ADRENALIN took bronze at the human Factor contest held by the Emergency Committee of the Stavropol Region.

Date of material placement: 15-02-2018, 14:42 Category: Information
NCFU Postgraduate Wins Contest
Alexander Rechitsky (postgraduate student, NCFU), has won his award for the Best Tutorship Practices within the contest of TUTOR-2018 held in Moscow.

Date of material placement: 14-02-2018, 11:14 Category: Information, Student life
Learning from Best European Experience
Once again NCFU is hosting Professor Urs Wagenseil (Director, Institute of Tourism, Luzern High School of Applied Science & Arts, Switzerland). This visit is the fourth visit paid by the Professor, which is part of the agreement between the two institutions.

Date of material placement: 13-02-2018, 11:11 Category: Information
Marketing Developments of NCFU Students Recognized Internationally
Students of the Institute for Economics & Management joined the international contest Trento Marketing Challenge (TMC) held at the University of Trento (Italy), which was held from October 2017 through February 2018.

Date of material placement: 9-02-2018, 10:41 Category: Information
NCFU Students Come Back From Training Abroad
Vitaly Belozerov (Head of dept for Socio-Economic Geography, Geoinformatics & Tourism, NCFU) held a meeting with the students who had come back after several months of training in Hungary and Slovenia.

Date of material placement: 9-02-2018, 10:28 Category: Information
NCFU Offers Access to Cambridge Resources
The support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research has helped NCFU get access to the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre.