Institute of Law



 of Law of North-Caucasus Federal University is admitted to Association of law education (ALE) (minutes of ALE General meeting No. 11 dated November 28, 2012)

Fifty leading law institutions of higher education in the country, including Institute of Law of NCFU, are admitted to the Association.

Institute of Law of North-Caucasus Federal University obtained public accreditation of Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation (minutes No. 18 dated November 27, 2012).

Association put Institute of Law on the list of hundred best law institutions of higher education and faculties of the Russian Federation.

Institute of Law is established as a structural subdivision of North-Caucasus Federal University in July 2012.

The Institute is formed by means of merging of Faculties of Law of North-Caucasus State Technical University, Stavropol State University, as well as Institute of Economics and Law of Pyatigorsk State University of Humanities and Technology.

The basis of Institute of Law became Faculty of Law of Stavropol State University.

Institute of Law is important for educational, social and economic areas of North-Caucasus Federal District. Main tasks of the Institute are development of legal education and science, as well as preparation of highly qualified professionals at law.

Legal clinic is functioning under the Institute, which is an independent structural subdivision supporting direct training of students to provide legal services to citizens. The clinic helps to form understanding of a legal profession among students.

The staff of Institute of Law includes leading scientists and teachers of the Southern part of Russia. Specialists of state authorities, municipal authorities, advocacy and notariate, with which Institute of Law has close business relations, are engaged into teaching.

Quality of education at Institute of Law of North-Caucasus Federal University is oriented on the best Russian samples and meets the highest standards.



  • Chair of Theory and History of State and Law;
  • Chair of Constitutional and International Law;
  • Chair of Administrative and Financial Law;
  • Chair of Civil Law and Civil Procedure;
  • Chair of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure;
  • Chair of Environmental, Land, Labour Law;
  • Chair of Legal culture and protection of human rights

2 educational and scientific laboratories, Legal clinic is functioning, where students get complete idea of the future profession and have real opportunity to solidify their knowledge obtained during lectures and seminars in practice, as well as skills of professional communication with clients and abilities to organize and plan different areas of professional legal activity.

At the lessons students take part in business games, create different conditional situations, which can appear during judicial examination of civil and criminal cases, master methods of work with normative legal documents and specific character of their practical application.

Each chair is equipped with special classrooms, forensic laboratory and training ground is available. Training courtroom is established and actively used in the educational process, where on the basis of scenarios prepared by students, judicial examinations of civil and criminal cases are held.

Linguistic and computer classroom of additional professional education is established to realize the programme of elite training at the Faculty. Within the framework of 030501 "Jurisprudence” specialty training is performed on the following specializations: "State Law”, "Civil Law”, "Criminal Law”, "International Law”, "Data Protection Law”.

Full-time students can obtain additional qualification such as "Translator in professional communication”, "Juridical psychologist”, "Legal groundwork consultant of an enterprise”, "Teacher (Social science)”.

16 Doctors of Law work at the chairs of Institute of Law, 11 of them are regular staff members, 2 Doctors of Science on other specialties and 98 Candidates of Law, 74 of them are regular staff members.

Specialists of profile organizations and institutions are engaged into educational process: Ombudsman in Stavropol region, representatives of Arbitration court of Stavropol region, prosecutor's office of Stavropol region and executive branches of state authorities of Stavropol region.

Postgraduate course on 6 academic specialties (12.00.01; 12.00.02; 12.00.03; 12.00.08; 12.00.06; 12.00.14) and doctoral candidacy on 2 academic specialties (12.00.01; 12.00.08) is successfully functioning.


Students of Institute of Law of NCFU have practical training in the following organizations:

  • Administration of Stavropol;
  • Duma of Stavropol region;
  • Economic Development Ministry of Stavropol region;
  • Government of Stavropol region;
  • Notary association of Stavropol region;
  • Federation of Trade Unions of Stavropol region;
  • Industrial district court of Stavropol;
  • Department on activity securing of magistrates of Stavropol region

After graduation the students of the Institute become employees of state-legal, civil-legal, judicial, investigation and prosecutor’s institutions. Among them are the following institutions:

  • Government of Stavropol region;
  • Stavropol Municipal Duma;
  • Committee of Municipal Economy of Administration of Stavropol;
  • Chamber of Accounts of Stavropol region of the Russian Federation;
  • Main Department of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in Stavropol region;
  • "Rosgosstrakh” PLC Branch in Stavropol;
  • Stavropol inter-district investigation division of Investigation Department of Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation in Stavropol region;
  • Arbitration court of Stavropol region. 


Management of the Institute:

Director of the Institute:

Dmitri Smirnov, Doctor of Law, Professor

 Deputies of Director:

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs:

Alexander Gondarenko, Candidate of Law

Deputy Director for Scientific Activities:

Maxim Trofimov, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor

Deputy Director for Educational Activities:

Aleksei Zhukov, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of Chair of State and International Law

Contact information:

Address: 153 Dzerzhinsky Street (Building 5), 3 "a” Lenin Square (Building 6), Stavropol 355009.
Telephone: (8652) 26-89-84; (8652) 26-89-37;

Fax: (8652) 26-89-37