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Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch of NCFU in Pyatigorsk)



August 22, 2012 the official merging of the two universities in Pyatigorsk: branch of NCSTU (North-Caucasus State Technical University) and PSUHT (Pyatigorsk State University of Humanities and Technology). The eleventh Institute of NCFU was established then – the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch of NCFU in Pyatigorsk). Tatyana Shebzukhova (Doctor of History, Professor, Honorary Employee of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation) was appointed Head of the newly established division.

The Institute currently includes 4 faculties


  • Faculty of Economics and Management:
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Tourism, Service, and Food Technology
  • Faculty of Engineering

and 1 mid-level academic institution –College of Institute of Service, Tourism and Design as well as Center for Complementary Professional Training and Refresher Courses

This is the system of continuous training operating successfully in the Institute, where students get their first ideas about their job-to-be as well as vocational training that is in high demand in the labor market, high-quality higher education in the areas of Bachelor's degree, Specialty and Master's program at the University, and an opportunity to undergo refresher courses and professional retraining at the center for complementary training. You can also get a degree in postgraduate and doctoral studies at the NCFU.

The Institute has 9 buildings, which makes the learning process not effective only yet also comfortable.

The Institute has more than 50 laboratory and scientific complexes equipped with modern, often unique, equipment. The developed resource & technical base of the Institute offers students not practical-oriented training alone but also makes it possible to arrange master classes delivered by the leading foreign and Russian specialists, as well as to conduct scientific research. Most of the lecture rooms are equipped with advanced multimedia and presentation equipment.

The advanced resource & technical base also includes a computerized library and an information center, a hostel, a food factory with student cafeterias, a modern sports facility with a swimming pool and gyms, and a printing house.

At the same time, the active development of the telecommunications infrastructure and the creation of a modern technical base allows the Pyatigorsk-based branch and the University in Stavropol to be joined in a single corporate network. Students at allthe facilities enjoy shared access to a single information space and absolutely the same conditions for obtaining knowledge and mastering educational programs.

As of today, the branch trains about 7,000 students, which makes it the largest structural subdivision of the North Caucasus Federal University.

The branch has a highly qualified research and teaching team with high intellectual potential. The staff of the branch includes more than 390 people, including 56 Doctors of Science, Professors and 238 Candidates of Science (Associate Professors).

Teachers and students here undergo regular training in the leading universities and companies of Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Holland, UAE, Greece, Turkey and several other countries.

The branch of NCFU hosts regular conferences, both national and international, and the best students are awarded regularly personal scholarships from various foundations.

The Institute of Service, Tourism and Design provides its students with a number of unique opportunities: they have become members of a huge team of the North Caucasus Federal University, the leading innovative educational center of the North Caucasus Federal District, with broad connections both in Russia and abroad; our students have the opportunity to combine training with creative extracurricular activities. They live in a resort area with beautiful nature and world-famous sights. It is also important that the branch of NCFU is located in Pyatigorsk, a city that in 2010 became the capital of the North Caucasus Federal District. The geographic and geopolitical position of Pyatigorsk and its spa resort resources as well as unique climate can do nothing but add to the status.

The branch of NCFU in Pyatigorsk is focused on training highly qualified specialists to be employed in the field of tourism. This direction is one of the priorities in the Development Strategy for the North Caucasus Federal District until 2025. In the coming years, more than 100,000 jobs are planned to be created to be occupied by top-class experts. These professionals are to come to the labor market from the NCFU. Besides, the development of the region requires investors, which implies the development of a favorable climate and further promotion of the investment infrastructure of the district, which is never possible without highly qualified lawyers and economists. Specialists in engineering and technical areas are also in demand in the region as they are to provide the developing tourist-recreational cluster with the required resources and technical facilities, as well as maintenance services. All this makes the branch of NCFU in Pyatigorsk a place very much involved in training personnel to be further supplied to all of the above areas of activities.

The research and training potential of the NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk includes

  • Scientific laboratories (control systems for electronic and microprocessor equipment, radiation monitoring, demonstration tourism, functional and therapeutic nutrition issues in the North Caucasus Federal District, etc.);
  • Scientific and practical centers (innovation technologies, forecasting in the construction industry, expertise and valuation of real estate, vehicle services).
  • Students of the NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk join and get high awards in
  • Student teams Construction detachment
  • Volunteer movement
  • The North-Caucasus Youth Forum Mashuk
  • Programs for young researchers START and UMNIK

The Institute of Service, Tourism and Design of NCFU is a perfect sample of a modern multi-faculty institution. Our graduates receive a state diploma of a single sample, the same as in the head university. This certificate will undoubtedly lead young professionals to a great life offering them an opportunity to make a brilliant career not only in Russia, but also abroad.



Management of the Institute:




Tatyana Shebzukhova, Doctor of History, Professor, Honorary Employee of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation

Tel: (8793) 39-16-30, 39-16-34

Deputy Directors

Deputy Director for academic activities

Marina Martynenko, Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Honorary Employee of Higher Professional

Education of the Russian Federation.

Tel: 8(8793)33-25-94; 39-48-39

Deputy Director for research and innovation

Arushan Vartumyan, Doctor of political sciences, professor

Tel: (8793) 33-34-21


Deputy Director for educational activities

Yulia Nagornaya, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
Tel: 8(8793)33-41-37

Deputy Director for administrative activities and management

Yury Pavlenko

Tel: 8(8793)33-51-82,

Deputy Director for complementary training

Alexander Beriev

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor


Contact details

Building 1

Administrative building (56, Pr. 40 Let Oktyabrya)

Tel: (8793) 97-39-27 

Building 3

Faculty of Tourism, Service, and Food Technologies (56А, Ukrainskaya Street)

Tel: 8(8793) 98-46-76 

Building 4

Center for Complementary Professional Training and Refresher Courses (45, Pr. Kirova)

Tel: (8793) 39-06-77, 

Building 5

Faculty of Law (Build. 3, 1B, Partizanskaya Street)

Tel: (8793) 33-75-22; 8(962) 439-46-56



Building 6

Faculty of Economics & Management (35B, Matveeva Street)

Tel: (8793) 39-61-88, (8793) 33-11-34, (8793) 33-82-05, 8 (962) 439-46-39


Building 7

Faculty of Engineering, Polytechnic College, Sports Complex (46, Ermolova Street)

Tel: 8 (961) 469-41-99; 8 (961) 469-41-88 

Building 8

College for consumer services (31, Moskovskaya Street)

Tel: 8(8793) 32-92-21; 32-04-08


Building 9

Department for Design, Faculty of Tourism, Service and Food Technologies (54, Kozlova Street)

Tel: 8(8793)39-78-43 


Building 10

Faculty of Law (2, Gogolya Street)

Hall of Residence

(88, Rosa Luxemburg Street)

Tel: (8793) 98-29-65