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Institute of Oil and Gas


On the basis of Order No. 97/o dated 23.07.2012 Institute of Oil and Gas is established on July 23, 2012 in the structure of North-Caucasus Federal University.

The Institute is founded on the basis of Faculty of Oil and Gas of North-Caucasus State Technical University. 


Institute of Oil and Gas has the following chairs in its structure:

  • Chair of Oil-and-Gas Geology
  • Chair of Geophysical Methods, Search and Exploration of Mineral Deposits
  • Chair of Technology of Oil Processing and Industrial Ecology
  • Chair of construction of oil and gas wells
  • Chair of development and operation of oil and gas fields

Core of the teaching staff contains former employees of Grozny Institute of Petroleum named after Academician, M.D. Millionshchikov – the institution of higher education, which is famous in Russia and abroad – 35 Doctors and Candidates of Science, two Pro-Rectors, Deans of leading faculties. Honoured men of science and technology of Chechen Republic, honorary workers of oil and gas industry, laureates of state prize of Ministry of Higher Education Institutions of the USSR in the sphere of science, honorary explorationists, inventors of the USSR are among them. Many of them are awarded badges of merit of branch ministries, had great experience of research work in oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation, near abroad and far abroad. Authors of fundamental scientific works in the field of search, exploration, production and processing of oil and gas are among the lecturers.

In 1995 Research and Development Institute of Problems and New Technologies in Oil and Gas Industry (RDI PNT OGI) was established on the basis of the Faculty. In 2003 it became Research and Development Institute of Oil and Gas, where main research work was performed.

Since 1998 NCSTU collection of scientific papers of "Oil and Gas” section is published. It became a part of Herald of North-Caucasus State Technical University, which is included in the list of leading reviewed scientific journals and publications, where main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Science are published. Since 2007 Herald of NCSTU ("Science of the Earth” section), which is also included in the above stated list, is published at the Institute.

Institute of Oil and Gas is the acknowledged centre of training and retraining of personnel for enterprises of oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation. Alumni work in different regions, as well as foreign countries. Specialists of enterprises from the North Caucasus and a number of foreign countries (Vietnam, Mongolia, etc.) undertook an internship at the chairs of the faculty.

Research work at the Institute is carried out in two main fields:

Technologies of environmentally safe development of fields and production of minerals (Head – K.M. Tagirov);

Construction and well workover under difficult mining and geological conditions (Head – Yu.A. Pulya)

Special attention at the Institute is paid to students’ participation in research work. From the 3rd course many of them are actively engaged in students' scientific research, according to the results of which they take part in conferences, grants and competitions.

Students of Institute of Oil and Gas took part in "Intellectual student forum” on the basis of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, where they took the first place in the category "The Best Practitioner” and the third place in the category "Drilling process control”.

Works, which are performed under supervision of members of the Institute, became widely known. Thus, results of research, which was led by Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor, S.B. Beketov, at World Innovation Show in Brussels in 2009 and at International Innovation Show in 2010 were awarded two gold medals and three silver medals.

Quantity of students, who study at Institute of Oil and Gas, is 2003 people.



Management of the Institute:

Director of the Institute:

Vladimir Gridin

Deputies of Director:

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Marina Poltavskaya, Candidate of Pedagogy

Deputy Director for Scientific Activities

Andrei Kalinichenko, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor

Deputy Director for Educational Activities

Irina Taran

Address: Room Н-803, Neptune Building, 16/1, Kulakov Prospect, Stavropol


Telephone (8652) 94-65-78, 94-67-86




Contact information:

Address: Building 16, 16/1, Kulakov Prospect, Stavropol

Telephone: (8652) 94-65-78