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The development of the society nowadays is moving from technocratic to industrial. The global community is at the initial stage of the information society where information is the main value. Training of highly qualified, competitive IT-specialists enjoying demand from the employer is one of the major strategic tasks for the development of both the North-Caucasus region and the whole country.

The Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications of NCFU was established in 2012 on the premises of the Faculty for Information Technologies and Telecommunications (NCFU) and the departments of Computer Security, Organization and Technology of Information Protection, Applied Mathematics and Informatics and Applied Informatics in Economics of the Stavropol State University. The teaching staff of the Institute values the best traditions of its predecessors in the field of education, innovation and scientific research in IT technologies.

The student body of all those training at the Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications is 1123.

The Institute offers training within 5 Bachelor’s courses; 2 Specialist’s courses; 10 Master’s courses as well as 5 complementary degree programs.

Areas of training

  • 10.03.01 – Information Security
  • 10.04.01 – Information Security (Comprehensive security for informatization facilities);
  • 10.04.01 – Information Security (Mathematical and software for information security);
  • 10.05.01 – Computer Security
  • 09.03.02 – Information Systems and Technologies (Academic Bachelor’s course);
  • 09.03.02 - Information Systems and Technologies (Applied Bachelor’s course);
  • 09.04.02 - Information Systems and Technologies Information Systems Multimedia technologies in higher education
  • 09.04.02 - Information Systems and Technologies (Robotic systems);
  • 09.04.02 - Information Systems and Technologies(Data management);
  • 09.03.03 – Applied Information Science
  • 09.03.03 – Applied Information Science (Applied Information Science in Economics))
  • 09.04.03 – Applied Information Science (Mathematical and software for economic activities);
  • 09.04.03 – Applied Information Science (Knowledge management);
  • 10.05.03 – Information Security in automated systems;
  • 11.03.02 – Infocommunicationtechnologies & communication systems
  • 11.04.02 – Infocommunication technologies & communication systems (Systems and devices for radio engineering and communications);
  • 11.04.02 – Infocommunication technologies & communication systems (Green-communication technologies);
  • 01.03.04 – Applied Mathematics;
  • 44.03.01 – Pedagogic education (Information science and technologies in education);
  • 44.04.01 – Pedagogic education (Information and communication technologies in science and education).


Complementary training programs

The Institute provides postgraduate training in the following specialties: "Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes", "System analysis, information management and processing (in engineering and technology)". The dissertation council for doctorate (candidate) degrees has been functioning successfully as well.

  • Web-designer (specialist in computer graphics and web-design);
  • System engineer (Specialist in the operation of hardware-software complexes of personal computers and networks based on them);
  • Specialist in network security;
  • IT-manager;
  • Teacher of information science & info-communication technologies. 

The Institute includes 7 departments

  • Information Security of Automated Systems
  • Organization and Technology of Information Protection
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Applied Information Science
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Security
  • Information Communications
  • Information Science

The quality of the training is ensured by the high level of the staff employed here, including 12 Doctors of Science as well as more than 80 Candidates of Science.

The median age of the staff is 44.

Laboratory classes matter a lot in terms of developing practical skills. The Institute has educational & laboratory premises to meet the needs within each of the training fields. The students enjoy an opportunity to improve their knowledge in the field of information technology attending specialized centers and laboratories:

  • Local CISCO Academy
  • Laboratory of Communication Networks and Communication Systems
  • Laboratory of parallel computing and GRID-systems
  • Applied information technologies
  • Robotic systems
  • SKB Student Technical Bureau
  • Educational center «Virtual worlds»,
  • Laboratory for technical protection of information
  • Educational laboratory Center for Development of Virtual devices
  • National Instrument
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, etc.

Lots of attention is paid to arranging field placement through all the stages of training. The departments of the Institute have a whole range of agreements with the leading enterprises of the region including 

  • North-Caucasian Bank of Sberbank of Russia;
  • JSC Concern Energomera;
  • Stylsoft Group of Companies;
  • JSC Stavropol Radio Plant Signal;
  • MTU Telecom-S;
  • PJSC Engineering systems;
  • Infocom-C;
  • Ministry of Mass Communications, Information Technologies and Communications of the UK;
  • LLC Stavropolavtotrans;
  • Group of companies Business-IT;
  • JSC VimpelCom;
  • LLC New search engines;
  • LLC StavAnalit, JSC "Neptune", etc.

The Institute's pride is the Regional Educational & Scientific Center on Information Security Issues, which provides training in the field of information security, offers training courses for civil servants, executive bodies within the program of Protection of State Secrets, approved by the Interdepartmental Commission for the Protection of State Secrets (Decision No. 107 from 16.12.2005).

The Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications conducts fruitful international cooperation with the leading universities abroad such as the Slovak Technical University, the Dresden Technical University, the University of La Sapienza of Rome, etc.

As a result, there are numerous lectures delivered by the best foreign experts as well as international conferences and other events held regularly.

Subject to the academic mobility program of Erasmus Mundus, the best students of the Institute get training in the leading universities of Germany, Italy, and other European countries.

Projects are run within the Tempus program – Fostering Innovations on Green Computing and Communications – (GREENCO) for developing curricula and Master’s & Postgraduate courses within Ecologically safe computer technologies and communications (duration – 3 yrs (2012-2015; total budget – 934,074.69 €, applicant – University of Newcastle (Great Britain)).

Our best and most active students have receive regularly various grants and scholarships from the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Governor of the Stavropol Territory, the Head of the city of Stavropol. Students majoring in Information Security of Automated Systems have won repeatedly various contests of scientific works held by the largest manufacturer of anti-virus software in Russia Doctor WEB, as well as have been winners of special fellowships from the company.

The major criterion for the efficiency of our work is the quality of training. The major criterion for evaluation is that no single graduate of our Institute has been m left unemployed.

We are the best! Our graduates make the future of the information society, to which the world moves with leaps and bounds.


Management of the Institute:

Director of the Institute:

Vyacheslav Petrenko, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor, Professor

Telephone: +7 (8652) 95-69-88, 5301, 5331


Deputy Director for Academic Affairs:
Ivan Azarov, Candidate of Economics
Telephone: 5305

Deputy Director for Educational Activities:

Tatyana Grobova, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor

Telephone: +7 (8652) 95-68-01



Deputy Director for International Activities
Maria Lapina (Candidate of Physical & Mathematical Science;Associate Professor)

Telephone: 5313




Contact information:

Address: Building 9, 2 Kulakov Prospect, Stavropol

Telephone: (8652) 95-65-46, 95-68-01