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Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering

The Institute is established in 2012 by means of merging of two largest engineering and technical faculties of North-Caucasus State Technical University: Faculty of Engineering and Construction and Faculty of Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Transport. Chairs of the Institute are one of the oldest chairs in the University. They perform training of qualified specialists during several decades. The contingent of students and attendees at the Institute is about 1900 people.

Training at the Institute is provided on the following specialities:

  • 270102.65 "Industrial and Civil Construction
  • 270105.65 "Urban Construction and Economy
  • 270109.65 "Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation
  • 270115.65 "Expert Review and Property Management
  • 280103.65 "Protection in Emergency
  • 280705.65 "Fire Safety
  • 190601.65 "Automobiles and Vehicle Fleet
  • 190702.65 "Organization and safety of traffic
  • 190603.65 "Service of Transport and Technological Machines and Equipment
  • 151001.65 "Mechanical-Engineering Technology,

as well as in fields of the Bachelors programme:

  • 270800.62 "Construction
  • 280700.62 "Safety of Technosphere
  • 190600.62 "Exploitation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes
  • 151900.62 "Design and Engineering Support of Mechanical Production

Training in the following field of the Masters programme is provided at the Institute:

  • 190600.68 "Exploitation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes (full-time tuition)

Postgraduate course is successfully functioning at the Institute on the following specialties:

Five chairs are in the structure of the Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering:

  • Chair "Construction
  • Chair "Heat and Gas Supply and Expert Review of Property
  • Chair "Protection in Emergency
  • Chair "Mechanical-Engineering Technology and Technological Equipment
  • Chair "Technical Exploitation of Automobiles

Training of highly qualified engineers is provided by high level of the personnel.

At this moment 100 teachers, including 11 Doctors of Science, Professors (11% of the total number of teachers), as well as 55 Candidates of Science (55% of the total number of teachers) are working at the Institute.

Average age of the teaching staff at the Institute is 42 years.

The University concluded contracts on cooperation with leading enterprises of construction and mechanical-engineering profile, as well as enterprises of maintenance service and diagnostics of vehicles in the region to organize practical training and production practice for students of the Institute.

Alumni of the Institute are specialists in the most actual production and technological spheres: relevant ministries and agencies, engineering and construction organizations and machine manufacturing plants, transportation support enterprises, construction companies, management companies in housing and utilities sector, research and development and test centres, food industry enterprises, agricultural raw material processing enterprises, etc.

At the moment more than 7000 specialists are alumni of the Institute. Research and practice conferences of different levels (international and national, local and regional) for teachers, students and postgraduate students are held at the Institute. Teaching staff of chairs of the Institute, young scientists, postgraduate students and students take active part in competitions and programmes of support, according to the results of which they obtain grants to perform scientific studies.

There is reading hall, library, which is regularly replenished with new academic books and periodicals, in the building of the Institute. Research and development institutes and laboratories are functioning at the Institute. Works on independent expert review of quality of construction and mechanical engineering facilities are carried out.



   Deputies of Director

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs:

Andrei Porokhnya, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor

Deputy Director for Scientific Activities:

Nadezhda Zemlianushnova, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor

Deputy Director for Educational Activities:

Ekaterina Tereshchenko



Contact information:

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