A student or a postgraduate student submits a standard application form which is addressed to the Principal in "Department of organization of work in hostels and Student Council of Hostels (SCH)” (Chief of the Department – Savenko Grigory Petrovich, telephone: +7 (8652) 33-08-37).    


It is obligatory for a student or a postgraduate student to attach his medical certificate, certificate of family composition, certificate of family average income to the application form.


Addresses of hostels:

  • Building 2/1 Kulakov Prospect
  • Building 2/2 Kulakov Prospect
  • Building 2/3 Kulakov Prospect
  • Building 47/1 Dovatortsev Street
  • Building 47/2 Dovatortsev Street
  • Building 5 Morozov Street
  • Building 18 Morozov Street

Building 47/1, 47/2 Dovatortsev Street, Stavropol


Building 2/1, 2/2, 2/3 Kulakov Prospec, Stavropol


Building 5 Morozov Street, Stavropol


Building 18 Morozov Street, Stavropol



Kulakova 2A Street, Stavropol