Department  for Complementary Education and Refreshment In-Service Training announces admission of students to the programmes of professional retraining for new type of activity in the following areas:


  • State law;
  • Civil law;
  • Criminal law;
  • International law;
  • Information law.


  • Business accounting, analysis and audit.


  • Enterprise management;
  • Management in education;
  • State and municipal management.


  • Industrialand civil engineering;
  • Heat and gas supply and ventilation.

«Life safety»:

  • Integrated safety of educational institutions;
  • Theory and methods of life safety teaching.

«Expert in technical control and diagnostics of motor vehicles»


«Information systems and technologies»:

  • Company’s knowledge management systems;
  • Protection of personal data in information systems;
  • Complex protection of confidential information;
  • Modern technologies of confidential office work and documents custody in an organization.

Professional retraining is an alternative to the second higher education!

People, who have higher or secondary professional education as well as students of the Master’s programme, are admitted to this kind of education.

Professional retraining diploma is given upon graduation.

Diploma of professional retraining is equal to the second education diploma, because it confirms that its holder has an additional professional speciality and has the right to hold the position, which sphere he passed professional retraining in. (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 610 dated June 26, 1995, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 213 dated March 10, 2000).


Paid education.

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