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We Are the Future of Science

As we are celebrating the International Day of Science today, we are happy to introduce you to another expert of NCFU who has decided to devote his entire life to research and science.

Please, give a big hand to Alexey Shapovalov – Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Institute of Education and Social Sciences, NCFU.

We Are the Future of Science

My research interests today lie within the applied field of youth social activity, youth involvement in voluntary movements, in non-profit organizations around the Stavropol region and the North Caucasus. Recently, we completed a study on conflict prevention among schoolers and teachers in academic institutions of the region, which was done under the grants from the President of the Russian Federation for non-profit organizations, - Alexey told us.

Currently, Alexey acts as an expert for programs aimed at promoting various volunteer activities.

– My decision to take up science was shaped largely by those who were my teachers being researchers at the same time. Science has had a great impact on my life, making it more interesting and diverse as I have met many people, all different, and teaching me something new. All you need is go on studying what is of interest to you, don’t kill your inner explorer, don’t go back when facing troubles or criticism!