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Pride of NCFU Award Ceremony Held

NCFU held the Pride of NCFU award ceremony with 136 students named among the winners. These people are the treasure of the University, which helps them set newer aims and reach them thus proving that NCFU is one of the leading academic institutions of Russia.

Pride of NCFU Award Ceremony Held

– Today, we have here the brightest part of the student body, those who have managed to do more and beyond even despite this year being a really complicated one. The pandemic has moved many events online and yet these people never stopped. We are proud of you! – Dmitry Bespalov (Rector, NCFU) noted.

There were nine nominations all in all – Academic Success, Public Recognition, Youth Leader, Postgraduate of the Year, Foreign Student of the Year, Top of Science, Sports Achievements, Creative Victories and Student of the Year.

Pride of NCFU Award Ceremony Held

And now, please welcome the winners!

Academic Success

  • Tatyana Guseva – winner, 1st Degree
  • Karolina Avetova – winner, 2nd Degree
  • Antonina Anzina – winner, 3rd Degree

Public Recognition

  • Elena Kartashova – winner, 1st Degree
  • Nikita Novikov – winner, 2nd Degree
  • Vadim Safaryan – winner, 3rd Degree
  • Alina Lesnik – winner, 3rd Degree

Youth Leader

  • Marina Logacheva – winner, 1st Degree
  • Elizaveta Torgashina – winner, 2nd Degree
  • Marina Ohanyan – winner, 3rd Degree

Postgraduate of the Year

  • Nikita Kirillova – winner
  • Andrey Pavlov – winner

Foreign Student of the Year

  • Igor Tofanyuk – winner

Top of Science

  • Nikolay Arutyunov – winner, 1st Degree
  • Aleksey Gvozdenko – winner, 2nd Degree
  • Artem Apurin – winner, 3rd Degree

Sports Achievements

  • Stanislav Kiryanov – winner, 1st Degree
  • Nikita Lenin – winner, 2nd Degree
  • Felix Shestopalov – winner, 3rd Degree

Creative Victories

  • Nadezhda Katygrob – winner, 1st Degree
  • Sofia Chizh – winner, 2nd Degree
  • Anastasia Semenova – winner, 3rd Degree

Student of the Year

  • Victoria Voloshina – winner

Pride of NCFU Award Ceremony Held