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North-Caucasus Federal University creates recognition system for satellites in Far North

Best Ideas from Students SelectedScientists at the North-Caucasus Federal University have developed a system for recognizing their own and foreign spacecraft which is used to control objects in the Far North. The developments will help to avoid emergency situations and possible environmental disasters, the university’s press service told TASS.

In the Far North, low-orbit satellite communications systems are used. They help to ensure the operation of automated remote control systems for oil and gas fields. The number of countries and companies using spacecraft and low-orbit satellites for this purpose is constantly growing, which creates the danger of over-control.

«This can lead to an emergency. Moreover, if the remote site management system is violated, that is, there is a high chance of an environmental disaster <...> In order to prevent such situation, a group of scientists led by Igor Kalmykov, professor at the Department of Information Security of Automated Systems at NCFU, suggests using an identification low-orbit satellite communications system. This system must check the status of the spacecraft before starting a communication session,» the statement reads.

Scientists have developed an authentication protocol that has high resistance to the selection and simulation of the signal of their satellites, as well as a higher recognition rate. According to the research results, the scientists received three patents for the invention. The work is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.