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New Logo of NCFU Approved

NCFU is to use a new logo by November this year, whereas special rules are to be developed concerning using the University’s trademark style (brand book).

– The major purpose for designing a new logo was a desire to stress NCFU’s status as one of Russia’s leading academic institutions as well as an advanced research and education center that meets the top international criteria, – Nikita Avralev (Pro-Recto for Strategic Development) noted.

The idea of changing the logo enjoyed support both from the student body and the teachers (84.5%).

The new logo was selected following an open contest announced early this year, and the concepts submitted came from everyone – from professional designers to students, whereas the Jury came from the Rector’s Office, the Student Council and professional experts in Design. 5 works were selected (out of 125) for an online vote, and finally the winner was identified (author – Alexandra Georgieva), after which the logo got some final touches from professional designers to be further approved.

New Logo NCFU

The basis of the sign is a symbol of infinity (∞). However, apart from its purely academic meaning, it goes much deeper standing for dualism and perfection, ideas of eternity and harmony. The left (segmented) part of the sign symbolizes pages of a book, which is a source of knowledge and opportunities.

As for the blue color, is was chosen to emphasize NCFU’s affiliation to classical universities, as the blue color is interpreted as a color of loyalty, trust and honesty, at the same time revealing a high social status, stability and dignity.