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NCFU Students Develop Pasta with Healthy Algae

While working on their graduation project, NCFU students developed unique pasts product containing healthy bacteria. The product will make a perfect choice for those taking care of their health since it is rich in vitamins, amino-acids and proteins. The innovative development will be available soon in shops.

The newly developed pasta has proven very healthy due to a special ingredient – spirulina – used in it. This ingredient is a blue-green algae that belongs to the living cyanobacteria. And its properties for a reason.

–Spirulina can boast of vitamins and trace elements, whose levels go beyond many other foods of plant and animal origin, – Yulia Plyakina (project participant, majoring in Microbiology) was quoted as saying. – So, it is very rich in essential Amino-Acids, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Iodine, as well contains a lot of protein, which makes it a perfect for vegetarians and athletes.


Now the students have already prepared a business plan for a start-up to promote the technology.

– Our pasta-based product has no match, – Alexander Amazyan (project participant, majoring in Economics) noted. – The price for the product will be slightly above conventional pasta so it is not going to scare off potential customers. We believe that the pay-back period will not exceed 8 months.


The enterprise is to be set into operation in the middle of June this year, and by the end of the year 15 tons of the product are to be manufactured, following which the output is to be doubled.