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NCFU Students Are Welcome to Italy and Portugal

studentov-skfu-zhdut-vuzy-italii-i-portugalii-ncfu-ru-01The call is now open for applications to join the ERASMUS+ ICM academic mobility program, where the best applicants will have a chance to spend their next semester studying in the best universities of Italy and Portugal.

As experts of the NCFU’s Department for International Affairs explained, three students from the NCFU will travel to Italy to study at the University of Trento, which is one of the best European academic institutions located in a beautiful area near the Alps.

Applications can be submitted by students and postgraduates majoring in Business Administration and Physics/Mathematics, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree students studying Tourism and Computer Science.

As for Portugal, then it is the Polytechnical University of Coimbra that will open its doors to one student of the NCFU. The University of Coimbra is the oldest in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe, with high academic standards and unique traditions. It is located in the country’s first capital on the Mondego River. The program will be available for Bachelor’s and Master’s students majoring in Economics & Management, Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Industry, and Tourism.

To join the program, please submit your application as well as other papers prior to September 17 to the Department for International Projects and Programs (#3a, Pl. Lenina, Stavropol; Tel: 8 (8652) 33-07-43,

– We would recommend you be brave and never hesitate here, – Vladimir Samoylenko (Head, Department for International Projects and Programs, NCFU) was quoted as saying. – Even if you do not get selected, the very process of preparing papers will turn some invaluable experience to you. Experience shows that students here, while filling various application forms, realize how important it is to write research articles and progress further to meet the respective selection criteria.

In the nearest future, English test will be held for the applicants to select those to advance further.