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NCFU Researchers Win More Grants

As the outcomes of the Presidential Contest for Researchers come, NCFU experts come as winners – four projects are to get financial support this time!

The contest is held in order to promote Russia’s development of an advanced sector for fundamental research to be recognized worldwide, and this time our winners are to get various grants ranging from mln 1.5 to 6 RUR – al the grants coming from Russian Science Foundation.


All in all, there have been 3,000 applications submitted this year, whereas the selection process involved analyzing various aspects of the projects – from feasibility study to the level of the issue relevance. Finally, the Committee selected 787 projects, four of them coming from NCFU. One of the projects focuses on new synthetic approaches to biologically active compounds employing the non-standard reactivity of 2,4-diaryl-4-oxobutyronitriles (Head of Project – Prof. Nikolay Aksenov).

Other winners are Dmitry Aksenov, Stanislav Scherbakov, and Pavel Lyakhov.


– As we have won these grants, it serves another proof to the fact that the research that we have been focusing on for so long are truly promising. I am happy to congratulate the winners and wish them lots of success within the projects, – Dmitry Bespalov (Rector, NCFU) was quoted as saying.

Well done, folks! Congratulations!