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NCFU Researchers Talk About Breakthrough Advances

Alexander Aksenov and Nikolay Aksenov, Chemistry experts of NCFU have joined the radio talk-show SPEAKING NOW (Radio Rossiia – Stavropolie Channel) to talk about the anti-cancer research projects that are being carried out at the region’s largest university.

The projects and the advance the experts have made so far are all due to the enormous support offered by the university Administration, as well as thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories available nowadays at the NCFU. The outcomes achieved are highlighted regularly in the world’s leading journals.

– For a number of years we have been searching for compounds that reveal high activity battling cancer issues, and now we have made it – we have produced substances that can stop cancer proliferation in cells at the same time helping the affected tissues regenerate, – Alexander Aksenov (Dean, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy) was quoted as saying.

The video-version of the talk was broadcasted on the Kavkaz 24 Channel.