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North-Caucasus Federal University

NCFU Researchers Develop New Methods to Analyze Texts

uchenye-predlozhili-novyj-metod-analiza-tekstov-na-dostovernost-i-obektivnost-ncfu-ru-02NCFU linguists have developed a new tool to analyze texts, the entire method relying on quantitative analysis of respective contents. Now, this new knowledge is to be employed to study the image of the North Caucasus offered by foreign media.

The method has been developed by Alexandra Milostivaya (Associate Professor, Dept for Translation Studies, NCFU), who has been dealing with texts for more than two decades now.

– The thing is that the reader is not always supplied the most reliable coverage of an event, – Ms. Milostivaya noted. – Newspaper items often lack correct views on what is happening around, so something here may be distorted just to shape the desired public opinion. Now, our method will allow identifying such discrepancies based on reliable quantitative criteria, and this is what makes the entire development so unique.

The newly designed tools for text analysis are of great pragmatic value, and there are plans to employ them while studying the image of the North Caucasus created in various foreign media.

– We all want our region to be seen as an area that can boast of its rich cultural heritage, beautiful nature and most hospitable people, – Alexandra Milostivaya was quoted as saying. – To create an image like that, we will have to know the way our region is perceived abroad, I mean by Europeans, and then make some conclusions so that a proper policy could be developed to promote the North Caucasus abroad.