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NCFU Promotes Russian Language

NCFU Promotes Russian LanguageNCFU promotes the Russian language through Russia and beyond, which is done via a series of events that are to embrace both students and teachers.

Promoting the culture of the Russian speech is one of the priority tasks set for NCFU, and now special online-learning in-service training programs are to be developed for school teachers all over the North Caucasus.

Apart from that, NCFU has prepared a number of events to attract the youth, including Russian language tests and even an Olympic contest (jointly with Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University and the Far Eastern Federal University).

As for those seeking to try their creative hand, there is going to be a translation contest held (October, 2020) as well as a poetry contest.

The events will be coordinated by the Resource Language Media-Center of the Caucasus Peoples, which is being established at NCFU.