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NCFU Presents New Approaches to Online Teaching

Natalia Borozinets (Director of Resource Methodological Center, NCFU) joined a master-session held under the UNESCO within the Mobile Learning Week, with numerous experts joining the discussion from all over the world.

The Mobile Learning Week-2020 is UN’s flagship event focusing on employing digital technologies in education.

The platform is designed to promote information technologies in order to ensure inclusiveness and equality in education, for which purpose various events are held, such as expert sessions and discussions with top UN officials, experts and academic invited.

This time, Natalia Borozinets was the only Russian speaker, while this honor she won after a special contest, to finally present NCFU’s experience in teaching online and focusing on people with disabilities. This issue has become especially relevant in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Online assistance is an extremely important issue under the current situation, – Mrs. Borozinets noted. – Last year we had 238 students with disabilities, and the best part is that none of them was left behind or with no support through this lockdown period. As a result, they all mastered their curriculum to get back to their conventional life as soon the lockdown was over.

In the end of the session, the participants shared their ideas concerning the future of higher education after the pandemic, agreeing that this forced introduction of online learning served an impetus to IT progress, even though it will some time to select the right trends.