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NCFU Mathematician Awarded Grant

matematiki-skfu-vyigrali-grant-minobrnauki-rf-ncfu-ru-02As the results of a contest held by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia came out, NCFU’s experts were awarded a grant (RUR 10 mln) to launch a special research project jointly with a Vietnamese IT-company. The partners are planning to spend four months to develop an adaptive system for reliable data storage.

The grant contest was held by the Ministry within a program for bilateral cooperation with applications allowed from both Russia and abroad – South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East, whereas one of the major requirements implied the perspective research to be of applied nature. Besides, many other factors were taken into account – from the professional experience to the resources available.

Finally, 20 best applications were selected to be announced winners, including that of the NCFU – a new project to be aimed at developing a system for reliable and safe data storage.

– To develop this adaptive system, we will employ the mechanisms from neural networks and machine learning, – Mikhail Babenko (Project Manager; Head of Dept for Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, NCFU) was quoted as saying. – We are developing special algorithms that teach the system to reconsider its functions. Given this, a multidimensional optimization of the parameters choice can be achieved. We took into account that such a constant adjustment of the system requires complex computational operations and resources, and we managed to solve this problem through applying a residual class system in the respective algorithms, which finally allows performing calculations not linearly, yet in parallel, breaking them into parts.

NCFU’s researchers have been involved in such research for over 10 years now and have more than a few achievements to be proud of. Well done, folks. Congratulations!