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NCFU Launches Student Social Passport Project

NCFU has launched a campaign aimed at developing social passports for students, initiated by the NCFU Students & Postgraduates Union.

The major purpose for the thing in question is monitoring students’ social status – the Passport will include questions that are to help identify underprivileged students, their residence, marital status, children/dependents, etc.


– I believe that this idea of launching social passports is a really good one as it offers a perfect chance to learn more about the status that our students enjoy, their needs and issues they have to face, – Alina Sulimanova (Chair of Student Union, Institute of Education and Social Sciences) noted.

The data to be entered into the passports is to be collected through an online questionnaire, and in the event you need a link, please contact your academic group’s student union leader or the Chair of the Institute Student Union.