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NCFU Hosts Scientific Lectures

NCFU has joined the Russian National Campaign RESEARCHERS TO SCHOOLS launched to celebrate the Year of Science of Technology.

At the lectures, NCFU researchers told schoolers about the latest advances in various areas – from Chemistry to Oil & Gas and Food technology.


Prof. Alexander Aksenov (Head of Department for Organic and Analytical Chemistry), for instance, delivered a lecture on ORGANIC CHEMISTRY – THE FOUNDATION FOR THE SEARCH FOR MEDICINES, explaining that homeopathy is a false science, also stressing that so-called people’s traditional medicine can be danger. Besides, Professor Aksenov touched upon any other important issues including the technology of developing drugs.

– As a rule, you can’t find the right medicine immediately, so it is very hard work, - Mr. Aksenov noted. – If the chemist is lucky, then usually one of 20,000 newly developed organic compounds may prove a true drug.


– Thanks to events like this, schoolers discover the world of research, – Sergey Masalov (Deputy Head of dept for Science and technology Management) was quoted as saying. – These kids come to meet outstanding researchers and realize finally that science is something related to real research, which help make people’s life better. And lectures are also sort of career guidance measures – some of the audience may get interested and then come to study here.

The event was arranged by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the Russian Council of Rectors, and the NAUKA 0+ project.