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NCFU Hosts Physics Week

NCFU has launched the Physics Week, which has already become a tradition, offering students a chance to test their knowledge, talents and skills while enjoying various contests and even sports events.

The program this year has turned so much full that one week is not to be enough – and this is what makes our students even happier – from conventional lectures on the most diverse issues to a chess contest in the memory of Prof. L.G. Kaplan.


– This Physics Week is a traditional event aimed at joining together both students and teachers, as well as to promote Physics and any other related areas, – Stanislav Kunikin (Assistant Dean for Research, Faculty of Physics and Technology, NCFU) was quoted as saying. – Each year we try to expand the program with some events that are not just traditional yet also something new. This year, for instance, we have held a calligraphy contest, and this is not the end of the surprises that the participants are to see soon.


Other events include funny lectures, a round-table discussion, an anti-scientific lecture, and even a contest for the best demonstration experiment, the last event being something that students take special joy in while joining teams and showing the audience something that could be especially popular among students due to being close to miracles (unless you are well aware of all those Physics laws, you know).

When the week comes to an end, the winners in the nomination of “The Best Video” will be announced, with a special award ceremony held on April 12.