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NCFU Hosts Day of Justice

Institute of Law’s freshmen had a meeting with experts coming from Ministry of Justice of the Stavropol Region, who came to share their experience.

The meeting was held in the Institute of Law (NCFU) thus marking the Day of Justice. NCFU has been involved in long cooperation with the regional Ministry as the university is the major supplier of qualified experts to be employed in the law area, and senior students often get their field placement there, while the latter can always turn for help to NCFU in case any specific research in the respective area is required.

The issues discussed at the meeting were diverse and numerous, and it all ended with watching the Technology of Justice documentary that highlighted the most serious and responsible issues about the hard work carried out by lawyers, after which an essay contest was announced for all students, while the essays will be graded by law experts and teachers of the Institute of Law, with prizes awarded to the winners.