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NCFU Awarded Another Grant

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund has announced the results of the latest grant contest, one of the winners being Farkhod Erkinov – NCFU Master’s student and employee.

The contest in question is held on a regular basis, where applicants are to submit projects aimed at promoting Russia’s relations with other countries. This year there were over 90 applications submitted, after which the contestants delivered their online presentations, with only 28 of them (19 countries) selected for the final stage, including Farkhod Erkinov.


The final presentation was held within the VI International EURASIA GLOBAL Youth Forum held in Orenburg (Russia), where 500 participants came in person, the rest of them joining online. Finally, the Jury decided to offer support to nine projects totaling a sum of RUR 9 mln, including that of Farkhod (Career School for Foreign Students of the North-Caucasus Federal District), while other winners came from Iraq, India, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Mexico, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

– The aim of the project is to help youth from other countries find employment in Russia, – Farkhod was quoted as saying. – We will introduce foreign students into various opportunities for professional growth, as well as we will tell them about the respective legislation and various life-hacks. I, personally, came to Russia from Uzbekistanб and for a year now I have been working the Career Development Center of the NCFU. We have many students turning for help and trying to find a legal job here, and we help them all. Further on, the Career School will scale the experience onto other areas of the entire district.


The project is to start early next year, with five online-meetings planned where foreign students of the entire region will have a chance to meet various experts including authorities and employers.