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Digitization in Linguistics is the Focus

NCFU hosted a conference focusing on studying foreign languages through digitization of education, which brought around experts from all over Russia, including Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Stavropol.


The event, which was aimed at promoting experience exchange, included three discussion platforms – Linguistics and Linguo-Didactics through Digital Transformation in Education; Linguistics and Didactic Aspects of Translation; Theory & Practical Aspects of Teaching Languages to Translation Non-Linguistics Students.

The range of issues discussed was diverse, whereas the participants noted the trend towards the emergence of a new profession – digital linguist, while they were sharing their considerations and approaches to studying applied Linguistics and language teaching.


– This is a perfect chance to share what we have accumulated and discuss relevant issues, - Prof. Sergey Bredikhin noted (NCFU). – I, for instance, in my speech, touched upon things like the interaction between knowledge-related components and information within the pedagogic discourse.

The event was arranged by the North-Caucasus Federal University and the Language. Prosveshcheniye company.