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Day of Russian Youth

Dear Friends,

I am sincerely happy to congratulate you on this Day of Youth!

Day of RussiaOur Unversity has always taken pride in our youth – talented, brave and creative. You are always demonstrating more and more achivements – in academic, scientific and social life, as well as in sports and other projects that are of crucial imporatnce to our entire country. And we see that you share sincere love to our Homeland, inevitably trying to do your best.

I am happy indeed to wish you all a lot of success never stopping at what you have already come to, firm belief in your own strength, and stable movement towards what you are seeking to achieve. We, in North-Caucasus Federal University, have created all conditions you may need to get proper education and promote any projects you may have.

And we will always support you through anything you do for the benefit of our great Motherland.

Enjoy more success and move to new discoveries!

Dmitry Bespalov

Acting Rector,