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An international laboratory will open in NCFU

An international research laboratory for monitoring social, demographic and environmental processes is being opened in NCFU. The team of scientists included representatives of two universities: the North Caucasus Federal University and the University of Eastern Finland.

The agreement between the universities provides for joint research and the implementation of internships, educational programs.

"The creation of international laboratories is part of the NCFU strategy for the development of scientific potential," said Vitaly Belozerov, Acting Director of the NCFU Institute of Earth Sciences. – We expect to create a team integrated into international science to study current demographic problems. In particular, the adaptation and integration of foreign students both in Russia and in Finland. We will conduct a study of the scale, motives of immigration of foreign students to Russia after completing their studies, as well as their demographic plans in our country.


In the near future, the new international laboratory will work on several projects. In particular, this is a study of demographic processes in urban agglomerations of Russia and the Scandinavian countries. In addition, within the framework of the program, teachers have already started conducting advanced training courses on the topic "Geoinformation technologies in the study of demographic and environmental problems".

– The cooperation of our teams will undoubtedly give a good synergistic effect,-said Ivan Solovyov, associate professor of the Department of Socio-Economic Geography and Tourism of NCFU and head of the laboratory. – Combining the efforts of scientists from the two universities will allow us to study current demographic, social and environmental problems.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to hold a summer school for students of the North Caucasus Federal University at the University of Eastern Finland. The participants of the program will be able to exchange experience and conduct a number of studies in the field of social, demographic and environmental processes, which will be used in their scientific works in the future.

In addition to working on joint projects, the laboratory plans to conduct scientific seminars, participation of scientists from the University of Eastern Finland in the educational process and scientific conferences of our university.