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Academic mobility: invaluable experience and knowledge

This spring the NCFU student Victoriia Maslova got the opportunity to visit Slovenia under the «Bilateral Scholarship Program of the Republic of Slovenia». For three months, the future specialist in the field of tourism was doing a scientific internship there, learned the Slovenian language and got acquainted with the local culture.

Academic mobility: invaluable experience and knowledge

Viktoriia arrived to Slovenia to work on her research. For three months she studied the development of organic tourism at the University of Primorska.

– During my internship I wanted to analyze Slovenian experience in such field and to develop recommendations for organic tourism in Russia. In writing my research, I was assisted by my mentor, a professor at the University of Primorska Ales Gachnik. He is an expert in the field of organic tourism and he gave me a lot of valuable advices. As a result, I was able to highlight the prospects for the development of the organic products market both in Slovenia and in Russia.

Viktoriia took the information for her research not only from official data. She was able to communicate with local producers of organic products. For example, she visited the Gramona Farm which produces organic olive oil. There she discussed with owners the prospects for implementing organic matter into the catering and tourism industries.

In time free from research Viktoriia studied the Slovenian language at the University. During the threat of COVID-19 students moved to distance learning.

– The international department staff members of the Primorsky University provided great assistance to foreign students. They helped us to get used to, to solve organizational and many other issues, held events.

Academic mobility: invaluable experience and knowledge

As a future specialist in the field of tourism the girl couldn’t miss the chance to get acquainted with Slovenia. Her internship took place in the cozy and beautiful resort town of Portorož. It is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, only 130 km from Ljubljana. Translated from Italian, the name of the city means «Port of Roses». According to Victoria, flowers are planted here along every street. The resort is famous for its sandy beaches, thermal springs and cuisine rich in seafood. The student managed to visit other cities of Slovenia, villages, local beaches. She also made a trekking trip to the Nanos plateau (its highest point is over 1300 meters).

– Thanks to my scientific internship in Slovenia, I have gained invaluable experience. There I studied the industry that interests me, in particular, increased my knowledge in the field of catering and tourism. Acquaintance with the Slovenian experience helped me a lot in writing my diploma thesis. And I also made friends with students from different countries, with whom I still communicate.