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Academic Mobility – Priceless experience and Knowledge

This time we are following Mirsolav Chichulin (3rd year student, Institute of Economics and Management, NCFU) to Slovakia, where he spent a term studying global economics at the Technical University of Košice (TUKE), which is the second best academic institution of that country and is famous all over Europe.

While Miroslav was studying there, the classes were held online, yet this never kept him from expanding his knowledge as he studied seven major subjects – from Economic Analysis to History of Money.


– There is no clearly cut difference between lectures and practical seminars, – Miroslav shared. – While we had online-lectures on investment, we were told about how deals are made at stock exchange, while at the marketing class the professor shared his own experience. All the teachers were always in touch and responded promptly to any question we had. As for checking our newly acquired knowledge, we had tests, and we also had to complete an essay or a project through the term. And still, it was not academic stuff alone that Miroslav enjoyed.

– The university I attended is in the City of Košice – Slovakia’s second largest place, – Miroslav was quoted as saying, – with numerous historical buildings in the center. You cannot just have a look at the ancient buildings but also enjoy a great walk on those paved streets and then have a nice cup of coffee in one of the cafes. Unfortunately, I could not visit any museums – the pandemic restrictions, but I did go up the mountains and visited national parks. One thing that surprised me most was that it was all so clean!


Now that Miroslav is back to Russia, he is offering a takeaway for all those interested – never miss your chance to study abroad, since it is not about studying alone but getting a lot of new experience – just enjoy it!