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Academic Mobility – Priceless Experience & Knowledge

This time we are going to Bratislava, the capital City of Slovakia, and our guide now is Nikita Yakshin (student, Institute of Earth Sciences), who spent a semester studied Civil Engineering at the Slovak University of Technology expanding his knowledge and getting to know the local customs and culture.

– Those were the most interesting 5 months of my life, – Nikita noted. – I nearly had no time to sleep, and never wanted, actually. Weekdays were spent studying and at weekends I travelled around Slovakia together with other students from Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, etc.

Academic Mobility – Priceless Experience & Knowledge

The classes were delivered in English, while the teachers were from Slovakia, Germany and US.

– We worked a lot on individual projects, – Nikita was quoted as saying. – I, for instance, designed a sewage water treatment project for one location, where the major condition was to make it fit the architectural context. The point is that I had never studied architecture at the NCFU, so had to read a lot about it in English. But it all worked fine in the end.

The only bad point was that just a month after Nikita started his training in Slovakia, the lockdown was imposed, so all the classes were held online. Local student went home while only foreign ones had to stay in the dorms.

– And then we started arranging our own culture events – watching movies, cooking national meals and language classes. I joined some guys from Ukraine and Belarus, and on the national cuisine day we treated everyone with pancakes and borsch, – Nikita told. – And then, several weeks later we could travel around the country and there was no fee for students taking any type of transport. I was really impressed with how beautiful Slovakia is, especially Bratislava – a small cozy place on both banks of the Danube, still maintaining that very European spirit, curved streets, ancient churches and a picturesque castle on a hill.

Academic Mobility – Priceless Experience & Knowledge

Late May, after passing al the exams successfully, Nikita joined his friends in a journey around the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, and then he also dropped in Poland and Belarus.

– I am really grateful to the NCFU for this chance to study abroad, – Nikita noted. – That was priceless experience to me – I did not just get new knowledge yet also realized what I want to do through life.

Now Nikita is going to return to Slovakia since he was granted free admission to the Master’s Geodesy course as soon as he had passed all his exams with flying colors.