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Institute of Economics and Management

Contact us

Off. 307, 311, 313, 314, 318, #1, Pushkina Street (Edifice 21), Stavropol, Russia, 355017
Tel:  +7 (8652) 33-06-58, ext. 4700

Academic Department: Office 307, 314
Tel: +7 (8652) 33-06-46, 33-06-59, 33-06-93, ext. 4705


Our Departments

  • Department of Economics and Foreign Economic Activity
  • Department of Finance and Credit
  • Department of Tax Policy and Customs
  • Department of Digital Business Technologies
  • Department of Economic Security, Accounting and Audit
  • Department of Management
  • Department of State and Municipal Management
  • Basic Department of Business and Service Technologies


Our Specialized Training Laboratories

  • Incubator for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Mini-Bank
  • Mini-Exchange
  • Electronic Shooting Range
  • Service Technologies
  • Technical Tools for Customs Control


Research & Training Centers

  • Innovation Technologies in Management
  • Advanced technologies for Regional Management and Local Self-Government
  • Innovation-based Development for Credit and Finance Sector
  • Customs & Logistics Service

Potential Employment

38.03.01 Economics  private and public companies; credit and insurance companies; finance and tax bodies; auditing and consulting firms; federal and municipal institutions; non-profit and non0governmental organizations.

38.03.02 Management – commercial or non-profit companies; federal or municipal bodies; finance, insurance or investment agencies.

38.03.03 Staff Management – public bodies (government or self-government branches); federal or municipal agencies; credit and insurance companies.

38.03.04 State and Municipal Management – public bodies (government or self-government branches); federal or municipal agencies; non-profit organizations (associations, unions, resources centers, trade chambers, etc.).

38.03.05 Business Computer Science – government bodies of various levels; software developing companies; marketing, production or economic units in various companies, both public and private.

43.03.01 Service – consumer service companies; entertainment and PR agencies; informational & analytical centers; community facility service companies.

38.05.01 Economic Security – agencies and units ensuring economic security in governing and self-governing bodies, public and private companies as well as in various insurance, finance, logistics & analytical agencies, and academic institutions.

38.05.02 Customs Business – customs bodies and various units; commercial and non-profit agencies, as well as various companies involved in foreign economic activity.


Our International Partners

  • University of Rome La Sapienza (Rome, Italy)
  • University of Trento (Trento, Italy)
  • University of Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Ruhr-University Bochum (Bochum, Germany)
  • Technical University of Dresden (Dresden, Germany)
  • International Academy of Management and Technologies (Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • VU University of Holland (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • University of Piraeus (Piraeus, Greece)
  • Belarus National Technical University (Minsk, Belarus)
  • L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Astana, Kazakhstan).

Given the number of our foreign partners abroad, our students enjoy more than a few options when choosing a university abroad to polish their skills within an academic exchange program or carry out a joint research project.


Prof. Lev Ushvistky

Director Dr. of Science

Contact details
Tel: (8652) 33-06-57, ext. 4701

Anna Savtsova

Assistant Director for Research Affairs, Dr. of Science, Associate Professor

Contact details
Tel: (8652) 33-06-85; ext. 4702

Ekaterina Puchkova

Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, PhD, Associate Professor

Contact details
Tel: (8652) 94-59-10; 4803

Prof. Svetlana Zenchenko

Assistant Director for International Affairs, Dr. of Science, Professor

Contact details
Tel: (8652) 33-03-37

Alexander Krasnikov

Assistant Director for Educational Affairs, PhD, Associate Professor

Contact details
Tel: (8652) 33-06-47; ext. 4703