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Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (NCFU Branch) in Pyatigorsk

Contract us:

#56, Pr. 40 Let Oktyabrya, Pyatigorsk, Russia

Tel: 8 (8793) 97-39-27


Our Structure

1. Faculty of Engineering

  • Department of Management Systems and Information Technologies
  • Department of Construction Engineering
  • Department of Vehicles and Process
  • Department of Physics, Electrical Engineering and Electric Power Engineering
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Department of Design

2. NCFU School of Caucasian Hospitality

  • Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication
  • Department of Food Technology and Commodity Science
  • Department of Tourism and Hotel Business
  • Special Interregional Resource Center for Developing Professional Qualifications in the Field of Service and Tourism
  • Department of Secondary Professional Education, School of Caucasian Hospitality
  • Basic Department for Hospitality Technology

3. Faculty of Economics and Management

  • Department of World Economy and Customs Management
  • Department of Finance and Accounting
  • Department of Economics, Management and Public Administration

4. Faculty of Law

  • Department of Civil Law and Procedure
  • Department of History and Philosophy of Law
  • Department of Theory and History of State and Law
  • Department of Criminal Law
  • Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics
  • Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law

5. College of Service, Tourism and Design (NCFU Branch) in Pyatigorsk

6. Center for Extra Professional and In-Service Training




Prof. Tatyana Shebzukhova


Marina Martynenko

Assistant Director for Academic Affairs

Arushan Vartumyan

Assistant Director for Research and Innovation

Yulia Nagornaya

Assistant Director for Educational Affairs

Yury Pavlenko

Assistant Director for Administrative and Economic Affairs