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North-Caucasus Federal University

Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy

Contact details

Address: Floors 1-5, Building 8, #133B, Lenina Street, Stavropol, Russia; 355035
Tel: 8 (8652) 33-02-31

Academic Department: Room 204
Tel: (8652) 33-05-93



The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy was established in 2021 succeeding the Institute of Education and Social Sciences.

Our Majors

  • 37.03.01 Psychology. Profile – Psychological Counseling
  • 37.03.02 Conflict Studies. Profile – Conflict Management
  • 37.05.02 Psychology of Professional Activity (with two specialties) – Psychological Support for Professional Activity in Extreme Conditions; Moral and Psychological Assistance for Official Activity
  • 44.03.03 Special (Defectology) Education. Profile – Speech Therapy
  • 44.03.03 Special (Defectology) Education. Profile – Preschool Pedagogy
  • 44.03.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education
  • 44.03.05 Pedagogical Education. Profiles – Elementary Education; English Language

  • 37.04.01 Psychology


- Psychological Counseling
- Psychology of Staff Management
- Social Psychology
- Psychology of Extreme Situations and Emergencies (network)

  • 44.04.03 Special (Defectology) Education


- Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance for Inclusive Education
- Education and Rehabilitation for People with Autistic Disorders
- Comprehensive Habilitation for Young Children with Disabilities
- Psychological and Pedagogical Rehabilitation for People with Health Issues

  • 44.04.01 Pedagogical Education


- Educational Work with Youth

- Management in Education

- Psychology and Pedagogy of Extracurricular Education for Children

- Advanced Technologies in Life-Long Education

- Psychology and Pedagogy of Extracurricular Education

  •  44.04.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education


- Pedagogy and Educational Sciences

- Practical Psychology in Education

- Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance for Families and Children

  • 37.06.01. Psychological Sciences


- Pedagogical Psychology

  • 44.06.01 Education and Pedagogical Sciences


- General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education

- Theory and Methodology of Professional Education


Academic Centers and Laboratories

  • Educational laboratory of personality comprehensive psychological research
  • Educational Laboratory of conflict studied and mediation
  • Academic & research Center for psychological support of personal and professional development (research laboratory of Cross-cultural and psychological issues in personality development)
  • Speech Therapy Educational Laboratory
  • Center for digital educational technologies
Research work

Our experts carry out numerous research projects embracing the following areas

  1. Modernization of higher and extra professional pedagogical education
  2. Personality-oriented models in education
  3. Maintaining and enhancing family status in view of Russian education modernization
  4. Psychological assistance for professional activity in personal security, education, social assistance, psychological services management
  5. Psychological studies of personality in modern stressful environment
  6. Research, methodological and staff support for psychological and pedagogical assistance and life-long education for people with disabilities
  7. Psychological and pedagogical technologies for personality development in education

Our faculty has a lot of contacts, both abroad and within Russia, and the list of our partners is extensive indeed

  • University of Rome La Sapienza (Italy)
  • Heidelberg University (Germany)
  • University of Manitoba (Canada)
  • University of Winnipeg (Canada)
  • Ariel University (Ariel, Israel)
  • Hebrew University, Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Munich, Germany)
  • University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Yerevan State University (Armenia)
  • Samarkand State University (Uzbekistan)



Nadezhda Palieva, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Room 202, Building 8, #133B, Lenina Street, Stavropol, Russia
Tel: (8652) 94-37-30

Irina Chupakha, Deputy Dean for Academic Activities

Tel: (8652)33-08-66

Galina Kozlovskaya, Deputy Dean for Scientific Activities

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel: (8652) 33-05-93

Viktoriya Kalashnikova, Deputy Dean for Educational Activities

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel: (8652)33-08-66