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Institute of Mathematics and Natural Science

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#1, Pushkina Street (Edifice 2), Stavropol, Russia, 355009
Tel: 8 (8652) 33-02-92
Fax: (8652) 35-70-23

Academic Department: Office 138, 139
Tel:  8 (8652) 33-01-45


  • 01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Mathematical Modeling and Computational Mathematics)
  • 02.03.01 Mathematics and Computer Science (Computing, Software, Information Systems and Computer Technologies)
  • 03.03.02 Physics (Physics of Earth and Planets; Condensed Matter Physics)
  • 04.03.01 Chemistry (Organic and Bio-Organic Chemistry; Medical and Pharmaceutical Technology; Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Expert Evaluation & Environmental Safety)
  • 05.03.02 Geography (Recreational Geography and Tourism; Physical Geography and Landscape Studies)
  • 05.03.03 Cartography and Geoinformatics (Geoinformatics)
  • 05.03.06 Ecology and Nature Management (Management of Natural Resources)
  • 21.03.02 Land Management and Cadastre (Urban Cadastre)
  • 43.03.02 Tourism (Business Administration in Tourism; International Tourism (bilingual program))
  • 44.03.05 Pedagogical Education (Mathematics and Physics)

  • 01.04.01 Mathematics (Computational Mathematics)
  • 01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Mathematical Modeling)
  • 02.04.01 Mathematics and Computer Science (Parallel Computer and Network Technologies)
  • 03.04.02 Physics (Physics of Atmosphere and Near-Earth Space; Condensed Matter Physics)
  • 04.04.01 Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)
  • 05.04.02 Geography (Landscape Studies; Territorial Planning and Organization of Tourist and Recreational Activities)
  • 05.04.03 Cartography and Geoinformatics (Geoinformation and Aerospace Technologies of Mapping and Modeling)
  • 05.04.06 Ecology and Environmental Management (Environmental Monitoring for Sustainable Development)
  • 21.04.02 Land Management and Cadastre (Urban Cadastre)
  • 43.04.02 Tourism (Management in Tourism and Hospitality Industry)
  • 44.04.01 Pedagogical education (Mathematical Education; Physical Education; Geographical Education)

  • 03.06.01 Physics and Astronomy (Condensed Matter Physics; Thermophysics and Theoretical Heat Engineering; Electrophysics, Electrophysical Installations)
  • 04.06.01 Chemical Science (Organic Chemistry)
  • 05.06.01 Earth Science (Physical Geography and Biogeography, Soil Geography and Landscape Geochemistry; Economic, Social, Political and Recreational Geography; Atmospheric and Hydrosphere Physics)
  • 09.06.01 Computer Science and Engineering (Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Packages)
  • 44.06.01 Education and Pedagogical Science (Theory and Methods of Training and Education)
  • 46.06.01 Historical Science and Archeology (History of Science and Ttechnology (Geographical Sciences))

Our Departments
  • Higher Mathematics
  • General and Theoretical Physics
  • Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling
  • Physical Geography and Cadastre
  • Ecology and Nature Management
  • Socio-Economic Geography, Geoinformatics and Tourism
  • Chemistry
  • Economic & Mathematical Modeling and Innovation Management in Oil & Gas Sector (at SEVKAVNIPIGAZ JSC)
  • Aerospace Monitoring and Geoinformation Modeling


Our foreign partners

Institute of mathematics and natural Sciences develops comprehensive cooperation with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland), University of Trento (Italy), Institute Jean Lamour, University of Lorraine (France), University of Kansas (USA), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Centre for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (Mexico), University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), Technological University of Sharif (Iran), University of Latvia etc., and we never stop here always working to expand our cooperation network so as to offer our students even more of a chance to undergo training and field placement in the world’s top schools.

Besides, we have top experts from various countries coming to deliver lectures and join our research projects.

The degree program of 43.03.02 Tourism has been running the International Tourism program, which is bilingual, thus adding to our academic mobility.


Prof. Valentin Shipulin


Vasily Chikhichin

Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, PhD, Associate Professor

Stanislav Kunikin

Assistant Director for Research Affairs, PhD, Associate Professor

Viktoria Movsesova

Assistant Director for Educational Affairs, PhD, Associate Professor