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North-Caucasus Federal University

Visa support for students of NCFU

Passports and Visas Department: Room 316, 2, Kulakova Ave. (Hostel No. 8), Stavropol, Russia 355009.


If you are a student of NCFU:


To apply for a multiple-entry visa and extend the period of your stay in the Russian Federation for the purpose of study (at NCFU), you need to contact the Passports and Visas Department (Room 316, 2, Kulakova Ave. (Hostel No. 8) 2 months before the expiration of a valid visa and provide the following documents:

  1. Migration card.
  2. Coupon of migration registration.
  3. 2 photos (3 × 4 cm) on matte paper (coloured or black and white)
  4. Receipt of payment of the state duty for a multiple entry visa (1600 rubles)
  5. Passport.


- The passport must be presented in good condition.

- If you spoil your passport and do not replace it with a new one in time, you may be denied a visa.

- The passport must contain at least 2 blank sheets intended for visas.

- If the validity period of your passport expires, you must extend it in advance, or get a new one by contacting the Consular Department of the Embassy of your country at least 6 months before the validity expiration of your passport.

- The validity period of the passport at the time of submission to the Passports and Visas Department must be no less than 1 year.

Please, care about the proper condition of your documents YOURSELF, and also renew your passports in advance in order to avoid serious problems.

Departure from Stavropol or the Russian Federation

Before leaving, you must agree on the departure with the curator, the directorate of the institute/faculty, the Department of International Education and the Passports and Visas Department.

You must complete an application for departure with indication of the destination place, duration and purpose of the trip at the Student’s Office, no later than 7 days before the departure.

After returning from the trip, you need to proceed with the migration registration (REGISTER) again, as described in the section above.


If you:

  • have crossed the state border of Russia,
  • have registered at a hotel, hostel or any other place in Stavropol or other city in Russia,
  • have moved to another NCFU dormitory or to a flat,
  • have gone to the hospital,
  • have received a new passport,

contact the Passports and Visas Department (Room 316, 2, Kulakova Ave. (Hostel No. 8) and report any of the listed cases within 1 working day in order to be re-registered.

Expulsion, sabbatical leave

You are required to apply for a transit visa (for countries with a visa entry) and leave for your homeland within 30 days from the signature date of the order on expulsion or granting a sabbatical leave, if you:

  • have been expelled from the University,
  • take a sabbatical leave.

To apply for a transit visa, you must contact the Passports and Visas Department (Room 316, 2, Kulakova Ave. (Hostel No. 8) and provide:1. Passport.2. Migration card.3. Coupon of migration registration. 4. 2 photographs (3 × 4 cm) on matte paper (coloured or black and white).5. Receipt of payment of the state duty for a transit visa (1000 rubles) 6. Copy of a ticket to the country of citizenship.