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Date of material placement: 26-11-2019, 18:40 Category: Student life, University
Dmitry Bespalov Meets New Student Leader
Dmitry Bespalov (Acting Rector, NCFU) held a meeting with Alexandra Bashkatova, the newly elected Student Council Chair of the NCFU.

Date of material placement: 26-11-2019, 15:34 Category: Student life
NCFU Student – Winner of Russian National Contest for Translators
Tatiana Strebkova (student, NCFU) has demonstrated perfect knowledge and skills at the Russian National Contest for Translators of technical literature in power engineering.

Date of material placement: 25-11-2019, 18:29 Category: University
NCFU to Offer Training in AI Area
Next year’s plans for the NCFU are grand – for the first time it will announce admission for those seeking to major in the area of artificial intelligence – Software Engineering degree program.

Date of material placement: 21-11-2019, 18:25 Category: University
NCFU Enters Cooperation with Kilit Global Holding
The NCFU entered an agreement with Kilit Global – one of the largest tourist holdings of Turkey. The document now bears the signatures of the two respective leaders – Acting Rector of NCFU and CEO of Kilit Global.

Date of material placement: 15-11-2019, 15:20 Category: University
Employment for People with Disabilities Discussed at NCFU
The NCFU hosted a conference focusing on various Mechanisms for Socio-Cultural Integration of Youth with Disabilities in the North Caucasus.

Date of material placement: 13-11-2019, 15:11 Category: Student life
NCFU Student Wins Contest in Paris
Maxim Borisov, the lead singer of the NCFU’s NOTA BENE band, delivered a perfect performance UNDER PARIS SKY – the XV International Festival held in France. The contest brought together participants from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and France and included three nominations – instrumentals, vocals and choreography, Maxim performing in the academic vocal nomination.

Date of material placement: 11-11-2019, 18:06 Category: University
Two Countries Exchange Experience in Inclusive Education
Experts of the North-Caucasus Federal University exchanged experience with Canadian colleagues of the University of Manitoba and Winnipeg (Canada). The video-conference was held at the NCFU, while the major issues discussed included inclusion in education. The entire event was part of the activities envisaged in the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the NCFU and the University of Manitoba.

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