IITT hosted the Open Day

Date of material placement: 31-08-2019, 01:26.

The Institute of Information Technology and Telecommunications held an Open Day.

Director of IITT, Oksana Mezentseva, welcoming the participants, spoke about the reception campaign of 2018 and about the new direction of the training "Computer Science and Computer Engineering”.

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Ivan Azarov drew the attention of applicants to the list of entrance tests for admission to the university.

Natalia Kononova, who is responsible for the organization of career guidance and target recruitment, conducted a tour of the institute and told how talented applicants can receive additional points by having individual achievements on admission. In addition, by participating in competitions, applicants can qualify for admission to a higher educational institution out of competition. She presented the open competition of NCFU "45 parallel” and the Smart Start Olympiad in computer science and physics.

After the general meeting, schoolchildren and parents had the opportunity to learn more about the institute and ask all the questions asked by the Directorate and IITT teachers.