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NCFU Pro-Rectors appointed

Date of material placement: 7-08-2019, 11:07.

Speaking at a meeting of the NCFU Administration, Acting Rector Irina Solovieva announced the names of the newly-appointed Pro-Rectors.



Oksana Mezentseva – Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs

Vitaly Belozerov – Acting Pro-Rector for Scientific Activities;

Svetlana Finashina – Pro-Rector for Economic Affairs and Strategic Development;

Nadezhda Zaichikova – Pro-Rector for Administrative Activities;

Vladimir Magin – Pro-Rector for Educational Activities;

Irina Karlova – Pro-Rector for Capital Construction and Property Management

Newly developed management structure (see below)

Subordinates to Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs

- Advisors: Nadezhda Palieva; Gennady Slyusarev;

- Department for Academic Affairs & Methodology; 

- Department for Complementary Training and Refresher Training;

- Center for Pedagogic Training and Pre-University Training;

- Department for International Cooperation;

- Department for Computer Technologies Introduction;

- Department for Computer Technologies Infrastructure.

Subordinates to Acting Pro-Rector for Scientific Activities

- Department for Research & Technology;

- Scientific Library.

Subordinates to Pro-Rector for Educational Activities

- Department for Educational Activities;

- Department for Sports & Recreation;

- Wardrobe Department;

- Medical Center.

Subordinates to Pro-Rector for Economic Affairs and Strategic Development

- Advisor: Marina Chukanova;

- Department for Strategic Development;

- Department for Planning, Analysis & Accounting;

- Catering Service.

Subordinates to Pro-Rector for Administrative Activities

- Administrative Office;

- HR Department;

- Department for Legal Affairs;

- Publishing & Polygraphics Center;

- Department for Purchase Planning & Arrangement;

- Security Department;

- Labor Protection Department.

Subordinates to Pro-Rector for Capital Construction and Property Management

-Department for Property Operation & Maintenance;

- Department for Property Management Monitoring;

- Department for Capital Construction;

- Transport Service;

- Field placement facilities.

Subordinates to Acting Rector

- Department for PR & Information;

- Mobilization Department;

- Department for Top Secret Protection;

- Admissions Office;

- Military Training Department;

- Rector’s Office.