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Acting Rector of NCFU Appointed

Date of material placement: 5-08-2019, 10:30.

Subject to Decree by Ministry of Science and Higher Education (of July 26, 2019), from August 6, 2019 on for a term of no longer than one year, Irina Solovieva was appointed Acting Rector of North-Caucasus Federal University. The decision was announced by Alina Levitskaya at the meeting of the Rector’s Office.


Up until the appointment, Irina Solovieva (Candidate of Economic Science; Honorary Expert of Higher Education of Russian Federation) was holding the position of Pro-Rector for Academic Activities, with 25 years of experience in higher education.


"We have to do our best to ensure our stable development within the areas we have identified as the strategic ones. Besides, our University is to go through accreditation, and Irina Solovieva, as the Pro-Rector for Academic Activities, is the key person here”, Alina Levitskaya was quoted as saying, "The seven years just flew as an instant. We have done a lot of good work together; we’ve never faked it; we have always spoken openly about something we could not get, and all this has been for the best of those who come here to get education, for the best interest of the North Caucasus and Russia! I am grateful to everyone!”



As the First Rector of NCFU was leaving the room, her colleagues stood up to applaud.