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NCFU Rector Speaks at Russian Investment Forum

Date of material placement: 18-02-2019, 11:23.

A delegation of the North-Caucasus Federal University, with Rector Alina Levitskaya as its head, joined the Russian Investment Forum held in Sochi. The focus of the discussions this year was NATIONAL PROJECTS: FROM STRATEGY TO ACTION.

The forum brought together over 3000 participants from Russia, Austria, Belarus, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Turkey, Finland, etc. – over 60 countries in total.

Speaking at the forum, Alina Levitskaya delivered a presentation TRAINING EXPERTS FOR TOURISM INDUSTRY AT THE NORTH-CAUCASUS FEDERAL UNIVERSITY. Mrs. Levitskaya stressed that the tourism and recreation cluster is a priority in the North Caucasus industry, so NCFU developed a special Strategic Development Program (approved by the Government of the Russian Federation) to offer training to those to be further employed in the respective industry making the region attractive for tourists – both national and foreign. For this purpose, a new model for training specialists was developed and School of Caucasian Hospitality was established relying on the academic experience of European partner universities (jointly with Resorts of the North Caucasus Corporation and School of Hotel Business the Hague).

The major advantage the school can boast of is continuous training – the school runs all the three stages from Bachelor’s to Post-graduate. Currently, the school is offering training not to Russian students only yet to foreign as well.

Besides, 16 NCFU teachers have undergone training in the top universities of the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Switzerland, while many students receive field placement training in various European universities.

Also, Alina Levitskaya noted that NCFU is acting as an expert arena in terms of territorial planning for tourism with numerous projects completed successfully as well as more than a few complementary training programs offered to all those interested to upgrade their skills.