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The European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group

Date of material placement: 12-02-2019, 09:38.

Following a project work with the Macedonian regional office of EHEDG (The European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), which joins together world leaders in the field of food production, food processing and pharmaceutical production equipment, in 2018 NCFU developed a new Master’s degree program Hygienic Engineering and Design. The program is supposed to train specialists to be further employed in the design of technological processes and equipment for food production that meets international requirements and regulations in the field of hygiene, also ensuring a high level of final products safety. Enrollment to this program has been scheduled for October 2019; the program is to be delivered in English with the leading foreign experts EHEDG to be involved. NCFU has become the first university in the world to develop a degree program, which includes not only theoretical and practical training, yet also implies design and research work on this subject.

The program was announced at the World Congress in the field of hygienic engineering and design held in London in November 2018 (21-22/11/2018), where it stirred lot of interest in the professional community and enterprises (over 350 participants) who plan to refer their specialists to undergo respective training. The program has been announced in the first edition of the EHEDG – the EHEDG Connects magazine that was issued to mark the World Congress.